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Episode 2: Out of the Frying Pan...
Topic Started: Oct 12 2016, 05:20 PM (2,462 Views)
Quan de Yun You

((OOC) Continue on from where you posted in Episode 1. Every thing should work as posted.)

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Where there is light, there is usually life. Where there is Dark, there is usually trouble.

When a ship is in the Black, without power, trouble has been found, weather it was looked for or not.

Emergency lights flickered on and a dim red glow filled the ship. Enough to see by, bearly.

The SS Walden made one more pass and turned to dock with the stricken ship. A loud thump and clank could be heard as the salvage ship latched onto the Quan de Yun You.

SAMI's eyes glowed in the dim darkness with a blue white intensity. It went out every time she blinked.
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One's Quarters

Four watched as Loudmouth grabbed hold of...well...a big blade on a stick. He wasn't sure what it was called, officially. He knew that it was a polearm, similar to a glaive, but it wasn't quite that. She moved off into the ship, apparently off to fight the incoming ship all by her lonesome.

"No time to deal with this go se right now, Beef. Go grab a weapon or something and let's go meet up with the others..."

He moved over to the cabinet, a little like a kid in a toy store, and brushed his hands across the hilts of several weapons. He did pause on the spear, but decided against it. She'd never let him live it down, and truth be told, the only thing in this cabinet he had experience with was the bow. It was shorter than the longbows he'd been trained to use, but it was a recurve, and probably better suited for close quarters combat, should it come to that.

Dear sweet bouncing baby Buddha, he hoped it didn't come to that.

He grabbed the bow and a quiver of arrows, slinging them across his bare back as he moved after One, back towards the cockpit. He was almost there when the lights went out, and he stopped. He expected to start suffocating, or floating, or something else unhelpful, but for now, it appeared that the lights were just out...

The ship was far too quiet for his liking. The gravity was still there, but there were a thousand other sounds that should have been there, that made up the background of a ship, that were missing, and it was downright unnerving.

"Em....Loudmouth?" he asked into the darkness ashe moved slowly forward. "Are ye-?"

His open hand found a body. Specifically, the backside of a body. A woman's backside. It took him a moment to realize that he had found One.

'That's even better than I though it would be.' flashed through his mind like a meteorite skipping off of a planet's atmosphere.

"Oh. There ye are." he muttered, letting go, but not apologizing. "Lost ye in the dark, I think."
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I have no idea what I'm doing...
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After all that had just happened, and he really hoped it was nothing but a fevered dream, the lights went out.
As the dim red emergency systemys kicked on he heard SAMI talk.

"Systems are functional, but offline ... Someone or something is blocking us, working like dampener to the systems."

She seemed to be talking to herself. Five looked in her direction and started to move that way. SAMI's voice came again in a lower voice.

"We're under attack ... I need to disconnect. I need to..."

She pointed back at the compartment she had originally come out of and started to move in that direction, but never made it.

"I need to disconnect..."

SAMI collapsed on the floor and seemed to go into a seizure. Six called out to him and he looked up in the dim light.

"You heard the lady, Mister Mechanic. You seem to know your way around her. She needs to disconnect. Now."

Five did take a small amount of umbridge to the tone, butr he could not refute the intention so he stifled any comment and turned back to help SAMI only to stop and actually gasp.

There was a light coming from SAMI's eyes. It winked out every time her lids fluttered, but the light was there.

"Look at her eyes!"

After a moment he was by her side and lifting her into his arms. Her head hung over his arm, limp. Her arms drooped as he carried her to what could only be an isolation chamber of sorts.

He noticed that SAMI wasn't all that heavy and her skin felt rather soft.

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One's Quarters

Beefy seemed hesitant when she suggested that he grab a weapon. She wasn't sure why it came so natural to her, so she shouldn't have been so surprised when it didn't at all come naturally to him. Still, she felt a little judgy when he didn't immediately take up arms, like Come on, Beefy, ain't ya ever made a guy bleed out before? She turned away to let him to it. If they were, in fact, being boarded, they would have to be in a ready state.

Or, you know, for some reason she thought all that.

Of course, her thoughts were soon interrupted by the sudden darkness and, well, lack of sound overall. It caught her off guard. Her heart jumped a bit, and she realized for the first time just how black the Black actually was.

"Em....Loudmouth? Are ye-?" She heard him ask, and then she felt him asking, as well. Right on her backside.

That's even better than I thought it would be... the thought flashed through her mind like a bolt of lightning, and was immediately followed by a slight guilty feeling that she couldn't quite explain.

"Oh. There ye are. Lost ye in the dark, I think."

She made a note that he didn't apologize, a road to explore much, much later. Assuming they both lived long enough to explore it.

"Yeah, right, well, I figured you operated better in the dark, Beef. You onna them daytime manwhores?" She stepped gingerly out of the doorway and into the corridor, trying to remember her first journey to the cockpit. She was fairly certain a left turn was in order, so she made that. "Just stay close and keep your hands on your weapon." She smirked into the darkness, "The lethal one. C'mon..."

She slowly made her way forward, her guandao forward. Her eyes were slowly adjusting to the darkness and making out the vague outline of the walls. The great thing about ships was that the lines were relatively straight. As long as she didn't veer too far to either side, she would be relatively safe.

"Look at her eyes!" She heard the call from the cockpit, it sounded like the mechanic's voice. Who the eyes belonged to was unknown, but she had a guess.

"Undies, is that you? Beefy and I are coming in, and we've got weapons! So, uh, clear the doorway, I guess!"
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"Look at her eyes!"

They glowed icy blue white in the reddish tinged darkness, like a vision of an angel gazing into hell. She had said they were under attack, and now she had been incapacitated, likely from the same source as the ship.

Attack meant defense. Weapons.

She found herself taking stock of her situation, her personal state of readiness. She hadn't felt any instinct to counter attack when SAMI had surprised her, only to defend, to evade. Still, being ready to charge into battle and being ready to defend if necessary were different things. With SAMI, there had been no time for anything but reaction. What would her capability be if she were prepared? What was she prepared for?

She wasn't openly armed. No gun on her hip like the mechanic. If she had any weapon, it was concealed, and fairly well, as well as comfortably.

Boots. She was wearing boots.

She knelt down to examine them. Heavy duty, well made; boots a professional might choose. Well fitting, broken in, but maintained. She rapped a knuckle against a toe. Steel. Moving upwards, pushing up the cuff of her jeans, her fingers brushed a tab of leather. She took it between thumb and forefinger and pulled upward. Cool, slender metal brushed her fingertips, sliding up into her hand. It was a folding knife, the handle made from brass folded around the blade, less than a quarter inch in thickness. Japanese characters were engraved into it. There was no lock or mechanism, just a thumb lever to open the blade on a simple pivot, like a straight razor. She flicked her wrist, snapping the blade out. The blade was sharp and single edged, about four inches long, like a miniature sword blade. She flicked her wrist again, closing the blade and palming the slim handle flat against her wrist and upward into her sleeve. The cuff held it in place, well enough that it wouldn't drop out if she was careful with her movements, until she wanted it back in her hand.

With no locking mechanism, and a handle too slim for a strong grip, it could hardly be considered an ideal fighting knife, though it was concealable and potentially lethal. The method of carry and her handling of it didn't suggest a mere tool, but she didn't feel any instinct towards knife fighting.

"If the target of a kunoichi is aware of her and actively opposing her," she could hear her mother's voice say in her mind, "her skills have already failed."

She did have something in one of her pockets, and though it didn't feel very substantial, anything could be relevant in some way. She reached in and pulled out a small silk bag, closed with a drawstring. She emptied it into her palm, small bits of metal softly clinking. Two flat black steel rings, with pointed spikes. She slipped one onto each middle finger, turning the spikes inward, where they would be concealed and lie flay against her palm if she curled her fingers. Turned to the outside, they could be used to strike, especially if grasping something to reinforce the palm. To the inside, they could rake, or grasp pressure points, aid in grasping.

She had no instinct for combat, combat meant evasion. Escape. Her skills were intended to be used when it was she who had the element of surprise.

Her life was a secret, an entire existence to be kept hidden, and she had been trained to hide it since childhood. What if a person with such a secret lost their memory; their map back to the truth behind the mask? Would her own carefully cultivated disguise stand in the way of discovering her true identity? How would someone who lived lies rediscover the truth if they lost it?

"Undies, is that you? Beefy and I are coming in, and we've got weapons! So, uh, clear the doorway, I guess!"

One, Four, Five, and now her, all armed to some extent for some purpose known to their former lives, and SAMI . . .

Who were they?

Higo no Kami pocket knife

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Kakute rings

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Five made it to SAMI's chamber and used one of her elbows to press the open button. It was hard to miss as it was as big as a persons hand. He turned so he could place SAMI on the pads that were in her chamber. He positioned her arms and legs and hips so that she, at least, looked comfortable. He still saw the light flicker from her eyes as he lids fluttered. When he was satisified, he activated the chamber by pressing the button again. It hissed closed and lighted up from the inside. SAMI's eyes stopped flickering, as far as Ian could tell.

He looked around the bridge.

"I passed the main cargo bay on my way from the engine room. I think that's the biggest area for a ship to dock. That's where they'll hit us. We need ta get there as fast as we can."

Once everyone had made it to the bridge, he turned and left, looking back only once to see if SAMI was all right. He couldn't tell from the angle he was at. He shook his head and went to save his ship.
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The lights going out made the whole ship as dark and silent as a tomb. Through the forward viewport of the cockpit, he could see the distant pinpricks of light that were the stars of faraway systems. But other than that, it was pitch black.

Aside, apparently, from the glowing eyes of SAMI.

"Look at her eyes!"

That was the one they'd been calling Five, or Underpants. The mechanic, apparently. Allis didn't understand what was so surprising about a glow from SAMI, but apparently it came as a stunner to that one. Allis grunted.

"Don't know why you'd expect her eyes not to glow, considering what she is. If we're lucky, and the events of today would indicate that we are not, but still... if we're lucky, maybe she can see in this blackness better than the rest of us..." It was something to consider. Night vision was a thing, most people would have to wear some sort of device on their heads to use it. But perhaps SAMI had hers built right in. That would be convenient.

"Undies, is that you? Beefy and I are coming in, and we've got weapons! So, uh, clear the doorway, I guess!"

It was the loud one, this time, and she was apparently armed. Whatever the two of them, she and the one she called Beefy, were doing, they'd managed to find some sort of arsenal. Another lucky break, though in this darkness he wasn't so sure what good a gun would be. More as like to shoot a friendly than anything. Nevertheless, he moved as far away from the door as possible, toward the viewport. He pondered a comment about bringing enough for everyone, but that was a little closer to humor than he was interested in moving, so he thought better of it.

Suddenly, there was a hissing, and then, a light. Apparently, the mechanic had placed SAMI back inside of her pod. In the small amount of now available light, he now saw what the loud one and her companion were carrying: she a long polearm, and he a bow with arrows. Not what he'd expected.

"Couldn't either of you have found a gun?" He squinted slightly at the loud one. "Do you even have the slightest idea how to use that thing?"

He didn't have time for a response before the mechanic was speaking up again. "I passed the main cargo bay on my way from the engine room. I think that's the biggest area for a ship to dock. That's where they'll hit us. We need ta get there as fast as we can."

And then he was off again. His plan made sense: the cargo bay was the only point for a ship to dock with them. It would be as good a place as any to make their stand against... whoever was coming. He only wished he'd thought to grab something to fight with. Allis was the first to follow the mechanic into the unknown.
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The situation was going from bad to worse at a breakneck pace. The whole thing was like a bizarre carnival ride, and Seven wanted off. Or rather, she wanted answers, then she wanted off. Everyone around her was content to talk about the approaching ship. Yes, it was a pressing concern, but was she really the only one still struggling to accept that her identity at the moment was nothing more than a number assigned by a robot? That kind of felt like priority number one right now.

Then the gorram lights went out, and she wanted to scream. The robot was talking, but Seven paid her little mind, preferring to keep her focus shifting from person to person in the room with her, making preliminary judgments of each in turn. The would-be mechanic seemed harmless. The other woman, the one who'd also been in the cargo bay, she was harder to pin down. As for the other two who had been on the bridge when she got there...it was too early to say. If they got out of this mess alive, she'd figure them out later. Suffice it to say that she would be keeping a close eye on all of them.

Emergency lights flickered on, and the world was awash in red...but there was also a tint of blue. Seven's eyes went wide as she saw the source of the light, SAMI's eyes glowing, fluttering every time she blinked. "What are you?" she muttered under her breath, pressing against the nearest wall, as far from SAMI as she could get without fleeing the room. This was crazy.

Apparently the universe was committed to driving her mad. First SAMI's eyes, and then yet more strangers, these two armed with weapons that were, frankly, ridiculous. Seven eyed the duo, her gaze fixed on the polearm the woman held. In the small space of the bridge, a swing from that thing could be lethal.

"Couldn't either of you have found a gun?"

That came from one of the men, the one who'd called out over the ship intercom. It was too early to tell how she felt about him, but so far he was the only one who seemed to have a clear head on his shoulders. Tenuous as Seven's grip on her own sanity was at the moment, she could appreciate that this guy seemed to have a handle on himself. He might be worth talking to later...if there was a later.

They had just reached the bridge, and just like that the mechanic was off again, back to the cargo bay. And the sensible man quickly followed. Seven scowled. Given their collective mental state, was it really a good idea to go toward the potential invaders? It seemed foolhardy. But...her fingers itched, eager to have something to do. Something in her mind whispered to her that a fight could help bring the clarity she so desperately needed. But then again, it wouldn't be much of a fight if the invaders were armed with guns and all they had was medieval weaponry that should be sitting in a museum.

Seven sighed, the sound turning into a low growl. "I hate you people." Turning her back on the bridge, she began to stomp (as loudly as her bare feet would allow) toward the cargo bay.
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Four crept slowly, quietly, behind One as they approached the bridge. An arrow knocked, the string taught, but not drawn, the bow felt good in his hands. Maybe he'd used one before, back at the Man Whore Academy.

No, no. Companion Academy. He was registered, apparently, so he wasn't a whore, he was a Companion. At least that made some sort of sense. Why he seemed to be mentally filing away information on the people around him. It was so that he could better make himself into what they needed him to be.

Of all the things that had happened since he woke, that seemed to make the most sense. It was something solid, something logical, that he could hold on to.

His stealthy creeping walk was interrupted by One announcing their presence.

"Couldn't either of you have found a gun? Do you even have the slightest idea how to use that thing?"

Four shrugged.

"Sure. Pointy end goes in the bad guy." he said, only half smiling. "Easy."

"I hate you people.

Another unknown woman, who, if current naming conventions were followed, was Seven, pushed past himself and One, on her way...elsewhere. Probably the cargo bay, if Five's instructions were accurate, which Four had not yet found a reason to doubt.

"Come on, lass. Ye just don't know us well enough yet." he called after her, before turning back to Six, who seemed to have taken absolute charge of the situation. "So....Cargo Bay? Do ye want us ta shoot first, or ask questions later?"
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The loss of all power made Two's heart nearly stop. Darkness didn't scare her, but she knew what a ship in the black with no power meant for any living people on board. That was what scared her. One of the things that scared her right now, anyway. She didn't let herself dwell on the rest of that list. Two took advantage of the darkness and everyone's apparent distraction and slipped away from the bridge. If she had been of a larger size either in height or width, it would have been more difficult if not impossible to get away. Well... at least to get away without being noticed. If anyone did happen to notice her departure, they didn't actively try to stop her and if they called out to her she didn't hear them.

Once she was away from the bridge and the people beginning to crowed into it again, though she could still hear their voices and the occasional word of their conversation she breathed a little easier. She didn't think she was claustrophobic. Small spaces didn't bother her, and were actually comforting in a weird way. The same went for the darkness, too, now that she thought about it. It was being in a cramped space with that many other people... people she didn't really know, or at least didn't remember knowing... that was making things a lot harder for her than she was sure they would have been otherwise. Even in a situation like this. If she had known at least one of the other people on board, she would very likely have felt more at ease. She might know one or more of these people, but not remembering knowing them was basically the same as not knowing them.

She stayed close to the walls, out of the way and hopefully enough in shadow with the emergency lights' redness messing with general vision and depth perception. She would rejoin the others shortly, but she needed to have a few moments to herself to just process everything and calm herself down. She couldn't focus enough to do that with so many strangers around her so close to her. She paused only long enough to lift up her feet and pull off the flats she had put on when she first woke up. Then she made her way down the passage as quickly as she dared. Her intended goal was her room, and a change of clothes. While she wasn't especially vain, she would feel a lot better if she wasn't in her pajamas when the invaders got on board. It was bad enough being in her pajamas around a bunch of other people who were equally memory-less. Being in her pajamas when people who were almost certainly up to no good came on board was completely unacceptable. She knew she needed to hurry, but she didn't want to run in this dim lighting because she didn't want to trip over something and she didn't want to miss a turn.

Fortunately, she found her way without incident. Once inside the room, she closed and at least tried to lock the door. She couldn't tell whether it actually locked or not, and didn't have time to check it. After a brief look around to orient herself, she started for the locker where instinct told her her clothes would be. The emergency lights didn't quite reach the inside of the thing even with the doors wide open. She reached up and pressed something on one of the necklaces she wore, then blinked her eyes against the comparative brightness of the blue-white light that emitted from it. It clashed weirdly with the red emergency lights and it wasn't as bright as normal light, but it made it easier to see what she was doing. As much as she would have loved to paw through the clothes... some of which were probably obscenely expensive going by the look of them and the feel of the fabric... she kept things quick and simple. She pulled out the first clean clothes that came to hand, along with a jacket since it was likely to start getting cold fast with there being no power.

It didn't take her long to shuck her pajamas and pull on fresh undergarments and the clothes she had retrieved from her locker. Once her socks and boots were on, she grabbed a brush and hair tie and put her hair up in a messy bun. With the immediate needs taken care of, she considered what to do next. One side of her brain told her the smart thing to do would be to barricade herself in this room and stay put until the crisis was dealt with. Two was no fighter. She knew it, and probably everyone else knew it too, with how she had reacted to Robot Girl in the beginning. If it did in fact come to a fight, she would be more of a liability than an asset. Alternatively, if she stayed here, she would have no idea what was going on in the rest of the ship. Which presented its own set of problems. There was a risk she would come to harm or that her presence would cause harm to come to the others if she joined them. There was a risk she would be forgotten about and left behind if she stayed here and the people in the other ship were rescuers rather than invaders.

While she weighed her options, she pulled on her jacket and started when something fell out of the pocket and clanged on the floor. Picking it up, she saw it was a multitool. She studied it for a moment, considering where to stash it before tucking it into her bra. Small chested though she was, she had enough in the way of breasts both to hold it in place and to keep it from being noticeable just by looking at her. It was also less likely to be found there than anywhere else on her person she might stash it. "Okay" she mumbled to herself, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "Time to get back to the others and see what's what" she decided, hoping it was the right choice and that she would have time to run and hide if it turned out to be the wrong choice. Leaving her discarded clothes and shoes in the bottom of her locker, she left her room and started off in search of the others. She made her way back toward the bridge first, since that was where she had last known them to be. Hopefully if they had meandered off elsewhere she would run into them on the way.

Non-sleepwear outfit found here.
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Quan de Yun You

~ Cargo Bay ~

The lights on the cargo bay main hatch flashed from red to yellow to green. A "Handshake" had been succesfully established. The big door slowly opened with power provided by the Walden. The door was a four panel design in that two panels opened one going up and the other going down. The other pair of panel slide sideways. This design made each panel lighter to install and maintain but together, all four were as thick and strong as the heaviest door avaible. The doors were problematic at times, in that they sometimes got stuck.

The big bay doors opened into the full cargo bay, until the didn't anymore. They stopped just before the half way point. It let a hole that someone could enter, if they climbed through.

One member of the Walden crew was through when the Quan members reached the cargo bay. He was armed with a Stunner.

The cargo bay was two deck high and mostly open. It was reached by a spiral stair case in the forward section of the room. The Bay Door was to the rear and had a ramp on the other side of the double bay door design.

At the moment, the cargo made walls between the stairs and door. It was the same area where Seven had been found.
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No sooner had she and Beefy arrived back at the bridge with the others, than Underpants was leading the troupe back out of it. She wished she'd known ahead of time: traipsing around a steel corridor in the dark was a great way to bang a shin or stub a toe or whack a skull. Being able to consolidate their trips would be a boon to them.

"I passed the main cargo bay on my way from the engine room. I think that's the biggest area for a ship to dock. That's where they'll hit us. We need ta get there as fast as we can." He stated, as matter of factly as anyone with amnesia could state anything, really. It was slightly irritating. Okay, it was a lot irritating.

"Does anyone else find it strange that this guy seems to have all the answers? It's like he actually didn't lose his memory..." She was only half kidding about that. For all she knew, one of them was the culprit. Pretending to have amnesia was a great way to hide the fact that you took everyone else's from them.

But it didn't matter much, as everyone was filing out of the bridge after Undies without a second thought. First Grandpa, followed by.. wait, who the hell is that? she didn't recognize her. The younger girl was also not to be found. She must have slipped away in the confusion. Maybe she's smarter than the rest of us...

"I hate you people..." the growled mutter came from the unrecognized woman. She also seemed sensible.

Beefy's voice came next, in reply: "Come on, lass. Ye just don't know us well enough yet."

She laughed a bit sarcastically at that. "Yeah! Once you get to know us, you'll merely loathe us. Maybe a strong despising."

She turned back toward Beefy. "I guess we're going into battle, Beef. You got my back?" It was an earnest question now, not a joke or sarcasm. She somehow felt safer knowing he was there with her, even if she had no reason to believe he could handle himself in a fight or with a bow and arrows. He had a calming way about him, and she was glad for it.

She also knew that he would be there, no matter what, and so she took off after the others into the unknown without waiting for his answer. Her grip tightened just a little more on the shaft of her guandao.
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The situation was far from ideal. Ideally, if they had to face an unknown threat, they should be working as a team, with a coordinated approach, which was obviously not happening here and now. There were some upsides, however. The ones with archaic but highly lethal weapons and confrontational attitudes would be noticed before anyone else. The left hand needs a right hand for distraction. It was always easier when you didn't have to provide it yourself.

Three, or San she thought, which would lead to her being referred to politely as San-san would remain hidden, in reserve, watching over the situation to determine not only the intruder's actions, strength and numbers, but also who appeared to be in charge. That last could be quite important. Given the chance to gain the upper hand, getting the drop on the one in charge could stay the hands of all the others in a single move.

Quickly crossing the cargo bay, the faint sounds of entry ahead, she returned to the gap she had slipped through to find Seven, but this time, planted her hands and one foot against the opposing crates, pushing herself upwards to plant the other foot and chimney climb to the top of the stack, pulling herself upward and flattening against the top crate. Most people, even trained and experienced people, focused primarily at their own level, where a threat was most likely to emerge from, and in the dim light, she could remain still and silent, using the shadows and the viewing angles obscured by the cargo against approaching intruders until their attention could be focused on something more pressing than the search, like a small young woman with a huge guandao.

Hopefully, they wouldn't just shoot on sight. Hopefully, they would have something to say, to reveal their intentions. Something to tip their hand.

Hopefully, if it was a threat, she could get close enough to the leader to cut the head off the snake before it could strike.
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Synthetic Anthropomorphic Intelligence
As soon as SAMI hit her chamber, she felt things realigning within her. Energy growing. Thought processes focusing; all emotional anomalies fading back to the ether like it was something her programming didn't need. Thank God. It was too hard to think.

As she grew stronger, she began a scan to know that the airlock had been breached. They were going to get boarded.

Then she also noticed something else. Something was wrong with the other ship.

The radiation core was either unshielded or shielded by very little. In other words, something was very wrong with that ship. She looked at her levels and saw that they hit 90%.

She couldn't wait any longer. She had to help. The others needed to know that this was obviously NOT a normal boarding.

The doors to her chamber opened and she stepped out, noticing that the bridge was empty. She stepped outside, hit the recessed trigger on the wall to reveal a small armory. She grabbed a rifle and slung it over her back then two more in her arms. She also threw a couple of clips in her pockets on her pants. At least she might be able to distribute them to close by crew. She began to run towards the cargo bay.

The intruders needed to get out and hopefully one of them can pilot the ship away as soon as they were free.
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This whole situation made Two's heart beat frantically in her chest, like a caged bird trying to break free. She hadn't gotten very far in her search for her fellow amnesiacs before she had to stop and lean with her back against a wall to take some deep breaths so she wouldn't pass out. Instinct told her that fainting out in the open in this sort of situation would be a very very bad thing to do. After a few seconds, she felt a tiny bit calmer. Deciding against prowling the corridors of the ship where anything could happen to her... such as coming across armed individuals who were not part of the ship's crew... she started looking around for alternate routes.

Spotting a vent grating just a few feet down the corridor from her, Two made her way over to it and crouched down to take a look. It was small enough that a normal sized person couldn’t fit through it, but big enough for her with a little bit of room to spare, she estimated. Pulling the multitool from her boot, she carefully removed the cover. She worked as quickly as she dared but also took care to not make too much noise. No sense in drawing attention to herself, and all that. Once she had it open, she poked her head inside to take a look, making use of her personal light source again briefly to see the inside and make sure there were no nasty surprises waiting. What she could see of it appeared to be a narrow shaft going straight up to the ceiling and a little beyond, and likely turning to go horizontal from there.

Two shut off her light, and scooted the rest of the way into the shaft. There was just enough room for her to crouch down and pull the vent cover back into place. She had to bend the frame a bit to make it stay where she put it since she couldn’t reattach the bolts from the inside. Once that was done, she tucked her multitool back into her boot, tucked her necklaces into her shirt to keep them from snagging on something and to keep them from clinking against the metal of the ventilation ducts, then proceeded to shinny her way up with her hands, feet, and back bracing her against the sides.

It wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be and her feet slipped a time or two, but it wasn’t as difficult as she’d feared, either. Soon enough, she reached the top of the shaft, and was glad to see she had been right about the direction it took. The inside was even darker than the corridor had been, but up ahead she could see a red glow from the emergency lights shining through another vent. She started belly-crawling her way forward, taking care to move silently, and pausing at random intervals for random lengths of time in hopes that any noise she did make that was audible to anyone else would be passed off as the metal of the ship contracting with the growing cold.
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