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Locked Topic
Solomon Fletcher
Topic Started: Nov 29 2016, 11:24 PM (411 Views)
Caleb Hall

Your Name (aka your OOC persona): Caleb

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online: Joe

Character Name: Solomon Fletcher

Ship Applying For: Chicago 2

Character Occupation: Chef

Age (of the character): 40

Appearance: Solomon is tall. A childhood of light meals (and some skipped altogether) has left him a bit on the thin side, something that remains true even with his now-unlimited access to food. His skin is dark, and his hair is darker still, kept short so it can't get in the way of his cooking or fall into the food. His hands are covered in countless tiny scars from knife accidents, and he has a permanent burn mark on his left elbow from a moment of carelessness with a hot pot of soup. His ears are pierced with simple silver studs. The knuckles of his right hand are all tattooed, coming together to spell the word "Pride." This is an homage to his mother, who used to tell her children that no matter how poor they were, how little they had, they always had their pride.

Growing up poor taught Solomon to be careful with his money, but the one area in which he splurges (excluding ingredients, of course) is clothing. Solomon likes to like good when not in the kitchen. His preferred attire is a range of suits in a wide variety of colors (though he is partial to purple). When a suit is too much, he settles for a button-down shirt and black pants. But don't expect to see him in a t-shirt and jeans. A man's gotta have standards.

Image: Posted Image

Mahershala Ali

Attributes and Skills: Give Solomon a taste of something and a day in the kitchen, and he'll reproduce it. He's spent his adult life travelling to refine his palette, and has attained vast knowledge of the various cuisines of the 'Verse. With this has come excellent hand-eye coordination, a good innate sense of timing, and a knack for successful improvisation. Also, Solomon is a competent ballroom dancer, a skill he picked up from a former lover.

First Impression: Solomon initially comes off as polite but aloof. He treats strangers with courtesy, but won't go out of his way to make friends. His work is his first priority; social engagements will always come second.

Under the Surface: Around friends, Solomon warms up somewhat, happy to laugh and joke around (and quite fond of social drinking when he gets the chance). Cooking is his first and greatest love, and so the way he shows affection to those around him is to make them a meal. Solomon might not tell you he loves you, but he'll cook you something that says it for him.

Deep Dark Self: The one thing Solomon will never do is raise his voice. His father was only in his life for a few years, but those years were filled with emotional abuse leveled at him, his siblings, and his mother. Solomon strives every day to be a better man than his father. So, no matter how upset he might get, you will never hear him shout.

Public / Common History: Solomon is the fourth of five children, born to a couple living in one of Londinium's poorer areas. His father was a mechanic, his mother a homemaker. His parents divorced when he was seven, his mother kicking his father out of the house and leaving herself alone with five hungry mouths to feed. To keep her children fed and clothed, she got a job at a nearby factory that manufactured Corpad parts. It didn't pay well, but she stretched what little she made to provide for her children as best she could.

It was through his mother that Solomon discovered his love of cooking. Making dinner for five hungry children often proved to be too much for her to handle after a long day at the factory, and Solomon was happy to help out. Eventually he took over the family cooking duties entirely, to the great relief of his mother.

It was evident to everyone around Solomon that cooking was what he was meant to do in his life, and so one of his high school teachers, who had taken a liking to him, paid for him to apply for culinary school. To no one's surprise, he was accepted, and even offered a full scholarship to attend. Solomon was elated, rushing through the end of the high school so he could hurry off to pursue his dreams.

Culinary school was everything he dreamed and more. He threw himself at his studies with everything he had, spending every waking moment in a kitchen, always ready to experiment or learn a new technique. He graduated near the top of his class, and soon found work in a small restaurant not far from his childhood home.

For a few years, he was happy. Then, he began to grow restless. The 'Verse was so vast, it was doing himself a disservice to stay on Londinium. If he wanted to be a truly great chef, he needed to travel. So, he did, booking passage on the first ship out on a mission to expand his culinary horizons. He hasn't stopped yet.

Unknown History: While Solomon has found success in his life, the same cannot be said for all of his siblings. One of his older brothers is in jail for drug trafficking, and while his younger sister refuses to tell him exactly how she earns her money, she has always been attracted to characters of ill repute. These are sources of shame for Solomon, and he will avoid talking about them if he can.

Secret History: As previously mentioned, Solomon's father was emotionally abusive for the duration of the time he lived with the family. Though the abuse never became physical, the yelling was bad enough. Solomon is constantly making sure to keep his voice level, and, no matter how imposing a figure he might cut, will shrink back if yelled at.

Strengths: Solomon is level-headed, never one to fly off the handle, no matter how crazy things get. He's perceptive, and though you might not tell him you're sad, you'll still find your favorite dessert waiting for you the next time you wander into the kitchen.

Weaknesses: Solomon does not handle conflict well, preferring to retreat rather than stand his ground--whatever will make the problem go away quickest. Also, his talents are highly specialized. Please don't ask him to help do something as simple as fixing a creaking door. If it's not to do with cooking, he's no help.
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