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Isabel Cortes
Topic Started: Jan 4 2017, 05:40 PM (156 Views)
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Your Name (aka your OOC persona): Firecat

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online: Magic

Character Name: Isabel Cortes

Ship Applying For: Lionheart (blame Rabbit :P )

Character Occupation: Mechanic

Age (of the character): 34

Appearance: Izzy stands at 5 ft 6. Though she weighs in at 130 lbs, few would guess it by looking at her slender frame. Her weight is all lean muscle mass, built up from a combination of working with engines, doing yoga on a daily basis, and swimming whenever she gets the chance. Her ‘coffee with a splash of cream’ skin maintains a slightly golden tone even while she’s flitting around the black. This is likely a result of her mixed racial heritage, all the time she spends out in the sun when planetside, or both. Her dark chocolate-brown eyes are as expressive as the rest of her face, showing her moods clearly. There are various scars on her body from accidents both during childhood and work.

Her typical attire consists of casual dresses and bright cheerful colors. While Izzy wears her share of pants and shorts too, she also likes feeling ‘girly’. While she is working, she wears coveralls over her clothes, and a pair of sturdy work boots. When she isn’t working, she’s usually wearing sandals or flats, or is entirely barefoot. Though she looks good in heels, she doesn’t wear them unless she’s attending a formal event (which is rare for her) or going on a date.

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Zoe Saldana

Attributes and Skills: Having spent a large portion of her life around engines of various kinds, Izzy learned their inner workings early on. Because of her extensive work with engines, she has built up a fair bit of strength. It’s not superhuman level, but she is definitely stronger than average. Her ‘aunt’, being of a Hispanic background, spoke Spanish to her as often as she and anyone else spoke English or Chinese to her, resulting in Isabel being trilingual. Thanks to the daily yoga sessions, she is extremely flexible. Not contortionist-level flexibility, but not far off either.

First Impression: At first blush, there aren’t many that would believe Izzy is a mechanic at all, let alone one as skilled as she is. Though she would hardly be called a ‘glamor girl’, there is very little about her appearance or personality that would suggest such a thing. She tends towards being friendly and cheerful, and generally too ‘nice’ (aka too ‘feminine’) for an occupation that tends to be male-dominated even in this day and age.

Under the Surface: For all that Izzy tries friendliness and charm first, when the right… or wrong… buttons are pushed, her temper comes out to play. When she gets comfortable with the people she’s around, the dry sarcastic humor show themselves. Her stubbornness comes out when people nag her about something, no matter how small it is. If she says she will do something she will do it. She does not appreciate constant ‘reminders’ about the thing in question, and will deliberately drag her feet about doing it the more she hears about it. As long as it isn’t a life or death situation, of course. Even she isn’t that stubborn. She just hates being micromanaged, and she hates pushy people.

Deep Dark Self: She sometimes thinks she is a bit too nice. Some people… some guys in particular… don’t take her seriously when she says no in a polite way no matter how often she says it or how many different ways she words it. That results in her metaphorically biting their heads off out of frustration when they persist, and wanting to literally bite their heads off out of frustration when they call her a bitch or pop off with some patronizing remark about calming down or being nicer.

Public / Common History: Isabel was born and raised on Sihnon. Her family is a bit of a tangle. According to official record, her legal parents are a security officer for the Companion Guild House on Sihnon… and his husband, who works for the Guild as an instructor. They chose to adopt rather than use a surrogate, and Isabel was not the only child they adopted. She has quite a few brothers and sisters, and no two of them save for the biological brother-sister pair, have exactly the same racial/ethnic background.

With so many teachers of different types so close to hand, Izzy and her siblings received an education more well-rounded than most despite the fact that their fathers weren’t as wealthy as one would expect from people who work for the Guild. They weren’t struggling to make ends meet, but neither were they rich. However, only the sibling that chose to join the Guild itself received the more… specialized… education.

Unknown History: When she wasn’t in class or working on homework, she was roaming around wherever her whims took her. Usually, they took her to the House’s hangar bay, garage, and landing platform. She was fascinated by how all the vehicles worked. What each of the parts did, and how they all came together, and all that sort of thing. Her ‘uncles’ and ‘aunts’ (employees of the Guild like her fathers) indulged her, and taught her quite a bit about that subject even before she was formally apprenticed in that trade. No one was surprised when she continued with that into her adulthood and took it on as her profession.

Though Izzy had a good life on Sihnon, she wanted to see more of the ‘Verse than just her home planet. So when she was twenty one she signed on with a ship that was leaving Sihnon, and traveled with them for a few years. It was strange and took some adjusting, but she loved it. She stay with that ship until it was decommissioned and sold for scrap due to unfixable issues with the control consoles on the bridge. Unfixable without the vastly expensive route of ripping the entire system out and replacing it with a completely new one, that is. Her next ship was commandeered by the Alliance, supposedly for some top secret undercover mission or other. The crew got a nice payoff from it, at least.

After that one, Izzy made her way to a planet that was mostly tropical in nature. She only intended to stay for two weeks as a vacation before going back to Sihnon but ended up with a job that kept her there longer. Much of her life to this point runs in a similar fashion. Temporary positions or positions she thinks are going to be permanent but turn out not to be, interspersed with stints working planetside until something else shipside comes up. She wants to stay with one ship for a longer term, but isn’t sure that’s going to happen. She’s decided that if this latest position doesn’t work out for her, she is going to return to Sihnon and save up to buy a small ship of her own.

Secret History: Nothing is officially known about Izzy’s biological mother outside of her appearance, that she had an accent that on Earth-that-was would have been described as either Russian or Eastern European, and that she was completely terrified of something or someone. The woman turned up out of seemingly nowhere, heavily pregnant. She signed the baby over for adoption after giving birth, then disappeared again. The woman had chosen a closed adoption, so no investigation was ever conducted into her identity.

+Mechanical skills
+High level of flexibility
+Connections within the Companion Guild
+Higher than average physical strength
+Has some very basic self-defense knowledge

-Handsome men, particularly when they’re charming (she goes into flirt mode)
-Has never actually been in a physical fight
-Too nice for her own good sometimes
-No ‘poker face’
-Doesn’t know how to use a gun
-Can be a snarkpuppy at times, even when she probably shouldn’t be
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