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Daria Wolf; App
Topic Started: Jan 11 2017, 03:49 AM (41 Views)

Your Name (aka your OOC persona):
Zenah, Z, or Xena

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online:
DJ messaged me one night like "Hey, check this out"

Character Name:
Daria Nazaretian Wolf

Ship Applying For:
The Lionheart

Character Occupation:

Age (of the character):

It's Daria's eyes that catch your attention first, large, prominent, and always smiling; there's a dreamy quality to them, as if she's floating in her own world. It's almost enough to distract you from her aristocratic bone structure that hints at a family she won't admit to. She has a slender figure, one that makes her seem taller than she actually is at 5'6".


Posted Image

Angela Sarafyan

Attributes and Skills:
Daria is very quick to absorb information and assimilate it into her day to day life. Her adult career was made from this skill, observing people's habits until she became able to predict who fell into what category. She made her second career from this skill as well, learning to fly a small variety of ships. Granted she did blackmail more than a few of her teachers for her piloting license, but that's what happens when you hoard information in a literal little black book.

First Impression:
When they first meet Daria, people tend to write her off as an absolute nutcase or a fraud. She's spacey, seems unfocused, and makes random comments about things she shouldn't know about. That alone tends to scare most people off, unless they were within the confines of her shop. But those brave souls who continue the conversation, or even come back for more, can tell that she's intelligent and can come to enjoy her odd humor and observant sympathies.

Under the Surface:
When Daria considers you a friend, her spacey personality falls away and you meet the quiet young woman who prefers to read a book over speak with large amounts of people. She becomes more open with her life, though it takes an even deeper level of friendship for her to truthfully admit to her own origins.

Deep Dark Self:
Deep down, Daria is still a rich kid. She still tends to view herself as above those around her. It makes her seem much more emotionally distant than she is, something that pushes other people away and fuels her own loneliness. It's her pride though, that really makes her struggle with her own situation. She believes, deep down, that she should be more successful than she is, and she'll do anything to fulfill that belief, always trying to prove that she is the cleverest in the room. It's one of the reasons that she enjoys conning people, tricking them into spilling all their secrets and opening their wallets to her.

Public / Common History:
In Eavesdown, The Wolf's Den was the place you go to when you're down on your luck and want to hear of good news in your future. Anyone with the coin can have Daria Wolf read their palm. Anyone willing to spend a little more coin or willing to part with a secret can buy a more valuable commodity, information.
The fortune teller herself, Daria Wolf, was an enigma all on her own. Having just appeared one day on the docks, asking the willowy woman where she came from would only yield vague stories of hunger and hurt. But the mystery only serves her positively, and many a young gentleman traveler has been seen emerging from the shop the next day looking much less put together.
Then one day, the young woman closed up shop and sold the building. Rumors said that she'd had a gentleman visitor whose wife hadn't taken too kindly to her dalliances with the man, other claimed she was the daughter of some rich Alliance Official who had sent bounty hunters after her, and even more claimed that she had just lost her gorram mind. No one was really sure what to believe, and it wasn't long before she reappeared on the docks with a shiny new piloting license and an itch to get off the planet.

Unknown History:
Wolf was not the name Daria was born with. Her family's name was Nazaretian, and her father and uncles were known to be the best architects in Londinium. Due to her Father's success, the family was wealthy and Daria attended the best school they could afford. She took her studying seriously, seeing it as her ticket out of her parent's clutches, and her teacher's praised her at every parent-teacher meeting. But it was a confusing time for her parents who didn't know just how to deal with the girl who would rather play in the mud than learn to play the violin, and who studied math and science all night yet loved her grandmother's superstitions and stories.
For them answer came when Daria was eleven, and expressed an interest in the Companions. It was merely a passing interest as she'd seen a Companion on the arm of one of her father's guests at a party, but her mother took it to mean that she'd found her calling. The next morning had Daria's mother waving the Guild to enroll her daughter, and Daria stayed quiet for once. This was what she was working for, the chance to get away from her smothering family.
When she turned twelve, Daria was shipped off to Sihnon to begin her training. The ship ride to the other core planet was eye opening. Even among the children her family considered poor, she'd had a very sheltered life, and now after sneaking out of her first class accommodations, Daria experienced the reality of the Verse. People were so much more colorful and diverse than she'd ever been lead to believe. During the trip, she sat with Browncoats, learning about the war from the losing side, and bothered the crew until she knew how to at least fly the shuttle.
Then they docked at Sihnon and Daria was ushered to the Madrassa. Almost immediately, Daria wanted out. It was just like home, stuffy and elitist, full of people trying to tell her what to do. She had to leave or she would go crazy.
It took a surprisingly small amount of planning to stow away onto a ship, though perhaps she should have planned for what would happen afterwards. It was a simple matter to sneak onto a charter to Persephone, the two browncoats she'd befriended were able to easily sneak her on and her swift feet and clever mind hid her from the crew. A short trip later and Daria was waving goodbye to her friends and heading out into the city.
The first month on Persephone was the hardest. Daria, however clever she may be, was still a girl who had never gone hungry in her life, and she found herself unaccustomed to the hunger pangs and yet still too proud to beg for scraps. Her nights were filled with growling stomachs and shivering beneath the only jacket she'd brought, and her days were filled with running from the local law enforcement as she tried to steal whatever bit of food she could from the market.
But slowly her thieving, like any other skill, got better, and she ran from the police far less often. Life was a breeze after that, even if she had to sleep in a tent that she'd bought off a less than respectable merchant. Then she met Theresa Wolf, the fortune teller in Eavesdown. The old woman had caught her wrist as Daria had tried to relieve her pockets of the coins that jangled.
Instead of turning in the teenager, Theresa took her home. The fortune teller had seen a kindred spirit, and a possible successor. From then on, Daria learned from the old con artist and thrived.

Secret History:
The night Daria made the decision to leave Persephone is one she will never forget and forever regret. One of her lovers, whom she had only taken to bed once, had stormed in during one of her sessions, the smell of alcohol emanating strongly from him, and began to yell and throw things as he displayed his frustration at her lack of interest in him. It was the first time Daria had ever felt truly scared for her own wellbeing, and as her customer fled the building, Daria grabbed the gun her mentor, gave her when she took over the Wolf's Den. Her hands were shaking as the man advanced, yelling obscenities and daring her to shoot him. So she did. The gunshot was loud in her ears, and the sound his body made as it hit the ground was louder. The gun fell a moment later and her hands shook as she began to hurriedly pack up her belongings.

Daria is clever, even without a formal education. She's quick on the uptake, and even quicker to recognize those bits of information are useless, and those that are valuable; something that helped her graduate from the piloting academy. She understands people on a fundamental level, having grown up watching the various people who passed through the Eavesdown docks. This understanding only fuels her skills in manipulation and blackmail, something that helped her get her piloting license much quicker than usual.

For all her skill in reading people, Daria is not that great at genuinely communicating with them. She's been alone for a long time, only really conversing with people to con them out of their money, even the piloting academy was difficult since she found it difficult to turn off her fortune teller persona and no one took her seriously. She also seems to be addicted to secrets, both her own and other peoples. You want any sort of information from Daria, you'd need to provide a secret of your own.
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