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Episode 2 - Aside 2: Observation Window; Commodore, Button, Augustus, Solomon and Noah
Topic Started: Jun 1 2017, 12:13 AM (77 Views)
Chicago 2
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In front of an observation window on the gaming floor, Commodore Radley Singer had invited Button Gwinnett in a bid to unveil the unknown element of the tournament. He had also requested a fine meal from Augustus Cromwell, who would no doubt enlist the aid of Solomon Fletcher. The Commodore was also waiting on Noah Prejean for those photos unveiling of the safe and final announcement of the tournament.
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Commodore Radley Singer
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The Commodore waited on the gaming floor, staring out into the stars. It was a very comfortable position, the only thing that might make it better was the cigar in his top pocket. He gazed around at the large and empty room, thinking of Atarah's watching eyes which were absent. But somehow he figured she'd find out. He tilted his head and shrugged.

All he could do was wait for dinner, and a date.
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Augustus Cromwell
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Good at Finding...
The Kitchen

The kitchen was boiling, steaming, almost a living breathing thing, a bustling hive of activity and interest. Maybe it fascinated the old man so because he was utterly inept when it came to the fine art of cooking. Sure, he could boil ramin, or brew a pot of halfway drinkable coffee but that was were the entirety of his skill ended. So perhaps that was why when Augustus observed Solomon finalizing the Commodore's meal he felt a chill of excitement.

The Commodore had given rather simple instructions for a man of his means. Of course, Augustus knew his tasting habits, his likes and dislikes, but still it took a real masterful chef to make something that would, as Commodore Singer put it, "Surprise me."

People like that are a coin toss, either the easiest in the world to please or the most difficult. I pray Singer is the former.

Besides, it gave him an excuse to spend some more time with Solomon, whom he both liked and admired. There's were similar stories and Cromwell hoped they'd end up as good friends before his time on Chicago 2 came to an end.

A chef of Solomon's caliber prepares a meal, he deserves to present it himself.

"What are you making for our VIP?" He asked casually, leaning a little closer, "I'd like to have some idea before I introduce you to the Commodore. That way when you're explaining the dish I can appear more cultured than I am!" He chuckled a bit at his own joke, feeling just a hint of pain as his arthritis stabbed his lower back from the violent motion. He grimaced slightly but masked it quickly with a smile.

"Your first big dinner aboard this tour. Are you nervous?"

Because Augustus sure as hell was.

OOC: I wrote this alone without permission from Caleb, I hope this doesn't count as god-modding. If he isn't happy with it in any way I'll happily modify, delete or change anything that he doesn't approve. Cheers!
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Button Gwinnett
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Button had had her share of conversations with lawmen. This generally included such elements as dirt, whiskey, and bullet wounds (either inflicted by or upon her... more often the former than the latter.) This meeting, however, was different in nearly every regard. After all, this was the cleanest ship she'd been on since she was sixteen years old, she wasn't sure whether there would be the sort of rotgut she was used to swilling on the frontier, and no one had been shot (at least to her knowledge, and certainly not by Button herself.) But she had been summoned by the Commodore, and being that she was trying out this 'best behavior' shtick for the time being, she felt obliged to answer the call.

First things first was to take a shower. Between the dust and the feel-up from Ol' One-Eye, she was feeling it necessary. After that, new clothes: black tank under red-and-black plaid. Loose, light, stylish. Tight-fit tan slacks with a black belt, and black boots with a bit of a heel, and a little flair. Not her normal style, but what she would consider "fancy dress" these days. Her trusty black Stetson, worn but sturdy, capped it all off.

In all honesty, she was feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. Not that she was afraid she'd be arrested or sent off the ship or whatnot.. she was on the up-and-up, just like she'd claimed. But this was a lot like a coming out party for her... well, a second one. This one the real one, the one she cared about. She was hoping to start a new life, one where she had much less chance of being shot at. Whatever the Commodore wanted was the first step to achieving that.

She made her way to the meeting place, an Observation Window set near the gaming floor. If she didn't know any better, she'd think it was somewhat romantic. She decided to file this away for later, just in case she found a nice sweet thing to woo while she was aboard.

She also hoped that wasn't what the Commodore had in mind.

She approached the man, and took off her hat, her hair pulled into a loose braid in the back. She gave him a slight nod, her voice only shaking slightly.

"Commodore... I hope you're well."

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Edited by Button Gwinnett, Jun 19 2017, 07:19 PM.
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Not every Pony grows up to be a Pegasus
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