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Episode 6: Back in Business; Pacquin
Topic Started: Jun 14 2017, 10:48 AM (157 Views)
Reno Carson
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The landing on Pacquin was less than optimal. NOt because of Amber's skill, but because that in their haste to vacate Mycroft, a number of issues reared their ugly heads. Darren had been busy before Mycroft and he had done what he could before the accident, but a lot needed done. Like a complete overhaul of the engine. It had sat for far too long before they heated her up and did a full burn right away from both the Albright and then again at Mycroft. Ian had done his best and actually made it suitable to at least land outside of a small town named Trust. Not crashing when you are having engine issues is a distinct plus.

Ian was a busy man too. In between getting through engine issues, he was reorganizing the med bay after "Jennings" had trashed it when he broke free from the restraints and "attacked" Reno. No one knew how he had managed to get to a weapon, but maybe they didn't quite pat him down well enough. Maybe he had one hidden. After all, Ari had one hidden on her when she went to town, so it wasn't like it was unheard of. Everyone seemed to accept the story and at least one of them was openly quite happy that the man had met his end.

So now he needed to set up for a show, which he hoped would go off without a hitch, and do some promoting. That was a normal thing to do, so why did he feel so bad?

So he grabbed some free tickets and waited for everyone who wanted to go to town to come downstairs.

Plus he had to keep an eye out for another person who he was supposed to meet up with briefly. He had to get rid of the datastick. It had only brought him trouble and he couldn't quite get rid of it. He copied some information from it, though, just in case of emergency.

Like needing the cash to fix an engine.
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Ariel Duquesne
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Aerial Artist with 'tude
She and Hicks had talked a lot during their trip from Mycroft to Pacquin. He stressed that she needed to take back her life. It would be hard and it wouldn't be easy, but she needed to start the long road to healing.

He also said she needed to work on letting people in. Her family on the Gypsy Traveler would be a great start, especially Amber since they already had a budding friendship there. She didn't need to be an island to get through life. She just needed to connect with someone.

So Ari thought that she should jump into it completely. She thought that going back to the way things were before was a good place to start. She didn't know if Hicks thought that was a good place to head towards, but she didn't care. She was going to let someone in. She was going to make that connection. She just thought that starting with a stranger would be easier and that since her old ways seemed to work for her before, she would start there.

So she dressed to kill. Not her usual style, but she needed an edge. So leather was her choice. It felt powerful to her. So a mini skirt, a top and a super cute pair of nearly thigh high boots were just what she wanted. So she traveled down to the cargo bay, barely stepped off the stairs before she ran into her first crewmate.

She hoped that they would just let her be.

There will be an aside started for the local tavern. If you are crew, you should post here first, then either stay around the ship or head to the tavern. Be sure to note when you leave and attach a link. Anyone staying on the ship needs to continue posting in this thread.

OOC: Ari is wearing this:
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Naniko Meissner
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Nani was still huffy and bitter about not getting to stay for the Mycroft festival, which she saw as something of a musician milestone or rite of passage, and she tried to say so to Reno, even though they still had to scramble out of there to Paquin. As such she had mostly holed up in her room and pouted (and cried afew times), making new batches of cards.... and throwing judging and disappointed looks at Reno afew times behind his back, when she was down near her little DJ corner booth, sort-of next to Clarence. She all but knew for certain that she had fallen in with a crew who was into some Serious Business... The kind of Serious Business that she might not be able to handle.

The new cards were double layered, being thicker and stiffer than the batches before then. This time, in addition to having her stage name and her descriptor on the front, there was her real name on the back, which was above her descriptor, and below that, the name of the ship; Naniko Meissner, The One Between Worlds, Vessel; Gypsy Traveler. She ultimately decided to keep the stack of 60 in a little paper bag, marked 'Mycroft Festival'.

In the way of medical stuff, Nani told Ian about her medications, and showed the bottles and the pill organizer to him, and that she typically got refills (and blood test checks) every 3 months using a rather popular drugstore/clinic chain on most decently developed worlds, but not why.

o ~ = ~ o ~ = ~ o ~ = ~ o

Currently, she was wandering to and fro around the arena and back yard, staring at the floor and composing songs in her head, waiting for them to go as a group to the town. She was also thinking on why her music's seem to hurt Ari. She was a weird one to Nani.... Actually, they were All weird to her. Every last one of the crew. Especially Oberon, even though he was alot like her, but not.

Almost as if someone mumbled 'speak of the devil', Nani jumped abit at noticing The Ari, who was all dressed up in metal and leather, looking rather very much like a biker chick punk. Nani was unsure of how to react .... "Om.... Moto-cycles the much ?" she nervously said, not sure of how Ari would respond. The Bard Between Worlds had no idea of Ariel's ..... Planet-side Proclivities.

Nani herself was wearing patchy blue jeans of various shades of blue, and a fancy knee length and long sleeve tunic-dress that looked like it used to be embroidered paisley curtains.

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Edited by Naniko Meissner, Jun 20 2017, 11:25 PM.
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Amber Kynes
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Amber's mood was... an odd one. She was miffed at having a less than perfect landing, despite knowing she had done her best with it and the bad landing was none of her doing. In the hands of someone less skilled, they might not have survived the landing. She knew that, and she knew everyone else knew it too. So there was that, at least. Reno's story about Jennings was plausible, but knowing him the way she did, Amber suspected there was a lot more to it than that if it wasn't made up entirely. Her only comment on the matter aside from expressing her happiness that Jennings was dead was to tell Reno he should have let her have the pleasure of being the one to dispose of the body. Honestly, there was a part of her that... thanks to not actually seeing the corpse for herself... would always wonder if the man really was dead, or if he had gotten away and was alive somewhere waiting to strike again. She knew it was unlikely, but after everything that had happened lately she couldn't help being somewhat suspicious.

Even so, she was doing her best not to let it impact her interactions with the rest of the crew. Nor was she going to let it impact her life. Well... not much, anyway. The incident on Mycroft had left her feeling not quite ready to go out and about in public yet. She didn't want to venture too far from the ship right now. Part of it... and what she would tell anyone who asked... was that she just needed to practice. She hadn't had much chance for that lately, and she didn't want to lose her skills. The other part of it was that she was afraid she would end up making another mistake like she had back there so she had no intention of taking any chances. She supposed if anyone pressed the matter, she wouldn't have much choice but to change and go out and about too. But she would really rather not.

Dressed in one of her practice outfits... hot pink iridescent form-fitting leggings, black cotton and lace cropped tank top, black satin pointe shoes, and purple shimmery Isis wings... Amber made her way down to the gathering area. Just because she intended to stay on board didn't mean she couldn't say goodbye to those that were going out. "Hey, everyone" she said as she entered, putting up her usual cheerful front despite not feeling anywhere near as cheerful as she usually was. The wings flared behind her like a long cape as she walked, attached to her with straps around her neck, around her upper arms just above the elbows, and around each wrist. The sticks inserted in each one to help them keep their shape and flow properly when in use acted as weights of a sort, but weren't heavy enough to cause damage to her or the fabric.

"Reno" she said, giving the man a brief nod. She still hadn't entirely forgiven him, but she wasn't ready to beat the tar out of him either. "Cute outfit, Nani." It wasn't an outfit that suited Amber's style or figure, but it looked good on Nani. "Holy gose, Ari. You look like you're about to go off and kick someone's pigu. Good on you!" she said when she saw her get-up. Amber suspected what Ari might be up to with that outfit, but it wasn't really her place to criticize. Ari was a grown woman and it wasn't anyone's place to tell her what to do or what not to do in her personal time. As long as it didn't get her killed her bring harm to anyone, it was all good as far as Amber was concerned.

Amber's Outfit: CLICK HERE
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Brandon Hicks
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Hicks was focused on hitting the town today. After his eventful arrival back on the Gypsy as well as the rough ride they had upon landing here he decided he'd hit the tavern first and wet his whistle a bit before further exploring. He wasn't much of a drinker, but given recent events he needed something to kick start his day.

After having showered, shaved, and dressed, Hicks headed on down to the cargo bay, not meeting anyone along the way until he arrived. "Good morning, everyone!" He called out merrily as he descended the stairs, the cane he had in hand clicking rhythmically with his steps. He smiled to both Nani and Amber, but failed to notice Ari until he rounded closer to the very large woman in front of her. He was surprised by her attire, yet expertly hid his disproval, quickly assuming Ar's intent. "You're all dressed to impress," he commented happily, upholding his smile. "All you ladies headed to town as well?"

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Ye Olde Hacksmithe
Oberon had been in a fitful state since the day they found Jennings Ward missing.

Friend Reno had told him that the intruder had gotten loose, and that there had been a struggle. How Jennings had come to escape was unknown, only that he had. Reno had been forced to kill him, and sent him from the airlock.

He had no reason to disbelieve what he was being told, yet he had seen the restraints himself. If there was a way to get away from them, he wasn't himself sure what it was. Perhaps he was an escapist by trade? Or perhaps Miss Nani had been closer to the truth than she had been given credit for. Either way, his quest to learn the truth of Jennings Ward would continue unabated.

As it stood, they had arrived on Pacquin, and it was time to set up for the show. His first show. For the moment, he wasn't entirely sure what was expected of him in that regard. So, while others on the crew were preparing to head into town, Oberon's plans were to remain aboard the Traveler.

He descended from his quarters to the lower level, where many of the crew was already gathering. The ladies were all dressed up, but not as up as the one called Hicks, who was wearing top-and-tails. He grinned at the man widely, giving him a nod. "Good sir, thou art dandily dressed! Good to make a first impression worth remembering, for the apparel of proclaims the man, eh?" Oberon himself was dressed rather simply - a brown leather jerkin over a roughspun tunic, a green sash tied about his waist. His trousers were comfortable, a maroon color, tucked into knee-high leather boots with shining silver buckles. Atop his head: a slouchy, soft-crowned cap. He placed a hand to his chest. "I, for instance, am but a humble servant. You, friend, are a prince." He doffed his cap and bowed to Hicks, and then to the ladies, each in turn. "Well met, ladies, well met! And I am at your service!"

He rose again, and spotted Miss Nani wandering about, lost in her own world as usual. She had not yet retrieved her swatchy poncho, though he did not mind the colorful presence of the garment, slung over the back of a chair in the corner of his chamber. He would allow her to fetch it in her own time. He knew that he himself was not keen on being reminded of tasks. All things in good time...

Then to Reno was his attention focused, and he approached the man. There was a slight uneasiness to his voice that he simply could not hide, but he tried to remain friendly with his friend and employer.

"Friend Reno, good day! The weather here on Pacquin is quite lovely today, and the ladies here lovlier. I was hoping that you would be so kind as to tell me that which you would require of me. I assume I am to participate in your shows... as what, may I ask? I do no tricks, I play no song. I cannot tie myself into a pretzel-knot. Tell me what you require, Friend Reno, and I shall execute it to my fullest!"

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We are the music-makers, and We are the dreamers of dreams.
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Sergei Romanov
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Sergei was outside pulling out the machine that ran the expansion of their big top tent. It was a large metal shaft, which telescoped out until it reached the height needed for the main tent and then had arms that branched out to support the rest of the tent. He had set it up right and now, he was looking at it as it groaned about halfway up and then stopped working altogether. The only thing that made it even better was the snap and crackle of sparks and smoke that then decided to appear. He flinched and reached in to switch it off so that unit didn't catch fire rendering it completely ruined.

But they had no tent. Performing in any kind of fashion would be greatly hindered without a stage.

So he sighed and headed to see Reno who he was glad to see at the doors of the cargo bay.

"Reno! We have a problem!" he announced as he came up to him. It was then that he caught sight of Ari and the fact that she looked like she was ready to go the prowl. He frowned, but the state of the tent needed to addressed. "The main tent boom is broke. Managed to get it halfway extended then got a fireworks of sparks and bit of smoke. Turned it off right away, but as it stands, we don't have a tent. It isn't lost on me that we need to get a mechanic, even if it is short term until we can get Darren back."

He watched as Nani addressed Ari.

"Om.... Moto-cycles the much?"

Sergei doubted that motorcycles had anything to do with Ari's outfit. He saw it as a much, much darker sign.

Then he was distracted by Amber coming down. She was apparently going to practice. Mmmm... She looked delectable. It made him smile.

"Hey, everyone"

Well, she seemed to be in a better mood.


Except she seemed a bit stiff when talking to Reno. She still felt hurt by what she felt was his betrayal, but Sergei understood what Reno was up against. He just hoped that Amber would forgive him in time.

"Cute outfit, Nani." "Holy gose, Ari. You look like you're about to go off and kick someone's pigu. Good on you!"

Nani did look cute, but his expression went pensive when he got back with Ari's outfit. He was about to say something when Hicks arrived in a suit complete with a top hat.

"Good morning, everyone!"

Everyone was going for the dramatic, weren't they? Reno might just use their flamboyant dress to pass out playbills and hang up posters. It would make things a lot easier.

"You're all dressed to impress,"

Sergei wanted to know what Hicks thought about Ari's get up.

"All you ladies headed to town as well?"

Ah... The man wanted to know if anyone was going to town. He wondered if he was fishing for information on Ari's intent.

"Good sir, thou art dandily dressed! Good to make a first impression worth remembering, for the apparel of proclaims the man, eh?"

First impressions indeed. Oberon was too dressed peculiarly. But it fit his personality completely.

"I, for instance, am but a humble servant. You, friend, are a prince." "Well met, ladies, well met! And I am at your service!"

He couldn't help but to smile as Oberon approached them.

"Friend Reno, good day! The weather here on Pacquin is quite lovely today, and the ladies here lovlier. I was hoping that you would be so kind as to tell me that which you would require of me. I assume I am to participate in your shows... as what, may I ask? I do no tricks, I play no song. I cannot tie myself into a pretzel-knot. Tell me what you require, Friend Reno, and I shall execute it to my fullest!"

Sergei slapped a hand on Oberon's shoulder.

"What do you think Reno? Perhaps he could help drum up business? All you've got to do is be friendly and chat with folks, pass out some playbills and hang a few posters?" he suggested. "I think you'd be perfect for helping Reno with that. Maybe Hicks too?"

He then leaned in a little and motioned a bit with his head at Ari.

"Maybe help keep on eye on her too?" he looked over at Reno. "You don't think she's going on the prowl, do you?"

God he hoped not. That path she was on was doing damage even before Kerry. Random hook-ups weren't the way to happiness.

"Is she even ready for that?" he asked in a whisper.

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