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Locked Topic
Conwell Black
Topic Started: Aug 11 2017, 08:58 PM (166 Views)

Your Name (aka your OOC persona): Wildback

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online: Rabbit just kept poking me! (But I'm glad he did!)

Character Name: Conwell Black

Ship Applying For: The Revenge

Character Occupation: Heavy Weapons/ Shuttle Gunner

Age (of the character): 43

Appearance: Conwell is a man far happier than has any right to be. He's tall, but lanky, with a face kept clean-shaven and a mop of curly hair atop his head that refuses to lie flat. His eyes sparkle with a contentment seeming at odds with the massive, belt-fed machine gun he carries into battle, if he's not on shuttle gun duty. His back and lower legs are a mess of old scar tissue from childhood beatings, and his front, more the same, though those scars come from boarding actions rather than abuse. He dresses simply but practically, something he picked up from a career in piracy and all the close-quarters combat that entails. He has no tattoos or piercings, the only distinct item is the Dharma Wheel necklace, made from polished silver, that he always seems to wear.

Posted Image

Image: Played by John C. McGinley

Attributes and Skills: Conwell is a good shot, his bulging muscles able to hold the SAW in place. He has a soldier's bearing in combat, handling both his "boots on the ground" and "eye in the sky" guns with equal, emotionless, talent. He can fly the shuttle if required but he'd much rather be mounted on the turret in the back. Conwell is quiet and reserved, slow to make snap judgment and slow to lose his temper. While he is often quiet, he can be overwhelming friendly with those close to him. His calming attitude puts others at ease and he rarely ever loses his cool under pressure.

First Impression: Conwell comes across well. He smiles, gives a firm handshake, answers questions put towards him politely but doesn't offer more information than asked. His mastery of small talk becomes quickly obvious, you'll spend hours talking to Mr Black and discover he's told you almost nothing about himself. He's clean and well groomed, and, if a potential employer, very much focused on businesses.

Under the Surface: Conwell wasn't born a self-centered, quiet soldier, it was beaten into him. The back of his mind is a constant web of domestic, military and mercenary flashbacks, Buddhist mantras and self-acceptance speeches. His mind is always racing, looking at exits and corners, mentally checking for unexpected surprises. Conwell's friends know not to throw him any surprise parties.

Deep Dark Self: At his core Conwell is full of self-doubt, and low self-acceptance. He tries hard through both the teachings of Buddha and positive reinforcement to accept who he is, to appreciate his value, but it's an uphill battle. He worries that he'll be soldiering forever on the basis of not knowing how to do anything else, a future that worries him greatly. He may be able to rationalize fighting for money to himself, but that doesn't mean he wants to do it forever.

Public / Common History: Conwell was born aboard a small ship called the Dancing Flee in the heart of deep space, to a pair of traveling merchants who absolutely loathed one another. The child coming into their lives wasn't something either wanted, certainly not the result of a drunken tryst both instantly regretted. Another mouth to feed that deep in the 'Verse meant less supplies, less space, less profit for everyone, yet for whatever reason they couldn't bring themselves to simply kill young Conwell. Sadly, for most of his early life young Black would often wish they had. Neither parent even gave the child their last name out of spite for one another, simply calling him "Black" like the space outside. They beat and ridiculed him constantly, verbally and physically abusing their young son. Conwell felt helpless, angry and full of rage. He was desperate to lash out.

He got his opportunity when a pirate band scooped up his parents ship and killed both. The young Conwell felt nothing but glee at the sight of their corpses and happily joined up with the pirates. There his anger and bloodlust was sated by constant battle and plunder and he served faithfully as a tail gunner for one of the pirate shuttles. Yet he felt emptier than ever. Even though he was surrounded by 'friends,' drink, women and drops nothing satisfied him. Yet before he hit rock bottom he had a critical encounter.

A Buddhist monk, Jin Long, traveling aboard one of the ships his crew held up spoke to Conwell and convinced him of his need for inner peace. Since that fateful conversation, Conwell Black has been a practicing, if less than orthodox Buddhist, making peace with himself and his work as best as he could. His focus on inner harmony changed his outlook and personality, his boastful, bitter self became a quiet, reserved and much friendly man. Conwell kept his darker emotions in check, as best he could.

This new faith led him to leave his crew behind and join another one, a pirate ship called the Robert E. Lee, crewed almost exclusively by ex-Browncoats who refused to acknowledge the war's end. Unfortunately, not actually being a Browncoat himself, led to the rest of his new crew ostracizing him and so Conwell set out once again, SAW in hand, ammo belt around his waist, in an attempt to make a living the only way he knew how, bloody, bloody war.

Unknown History: The monk who taught Conwell is still alive and running a monastery on Ezra for the planet's admittedly small Buddhist population. Jin's not entirely thrilled with his convert's mercenary career but is glad he's moved away from straight piracy towards slightly more legitimate work, baby steps. The two have become quiet close and Conwell waves him on the Cortex once or twice a week, just to check in. Despite never having served, Conwell was a Browncoat sympathizer, growing up in an abusive home taught him to be wary of unchecked authority, such as a large inter-planetary goverment.

Secret History: Nothing really here.

Strengths: A good soldier and a good shot, which is impressive considering the difficulty maintaining accuracy with such large weapons. His focus on inner peace and his refusal to act quickly, a method of channeling his old rage, helps him avoid mistakes. Others find him easy to get along with, even if he's somewhat reserved around strangers...or not-so-strangers.

Weaknesses: The childhood abuse he repeatedly suffered has rendered Conwell somewhat paranoid of new places and the unknown. A very low view of himself that only time and meditation is slowly overcoming can make him less likely to put forward his own ideas, fight for his opinions, or even speak at all. His refusal to act in anger can slow him to the point of inefficiency and, where he to lose control, that bottled-up anguish and rage could lead to some really sloppy mistakes...
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