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Valentines 2018
Topic Started: Jan 29 2018, 04:45 PM (165 Views)
Straight Outta Eavesdown
This is always one of my favorite traditions, and I'd like to bring it back: let's have your love stories. Go crazy, feel free to GM other people's characters. This is your chance to make romance, so make it count!

If every active player writes a tale, you'll all win a prize, from me.
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Andrew Williams
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AKA Panther
Adria Stark was fuming, disgusted, and jealous.

As she marched purposefully down the Constables corridors, fire blazing in her eyes, it took all she had to keep that image at bay... The image of Andrew and Lily locking lips in the cockpit, their bodies close, their hands reaching...

She marched, hasting toward her destination; the room of the one person she let get too close to her, the one who betrayed her. As she drew nearer, she unholstered her gun from her hip and cocked it.

It was time to put and end to this.

She entered the room and found the blonde haired bitch nestled comfortably in the bed, dressed in her usual provocative attire, posed in a manner of seduction, as if she was expecting someone.

Alert and watchful, Adria raised her gun in declaration. "Where is he?"

Lily did not look worried. In fact, she was downright poised. "Who?" She asked innocently, batting her lashes.

"You gorram well know who,"
Adria barked.

Lily gave a light shrug and seemed to relax some more, sighing comfortably against the cushions. "How should I know?"

"Because you're the one who had his tongue halfway down his throat."

Lily sighed again, though not with content. She sat up and glanced at Adria in deep reflection. Then she smirked playfully.

Adria was at her limit. "How could you do it?" She demanded.

Lily slid elegantly to the edge of the bed and stood. With equal grace she slowly moved toward Adria, as if she were floating. "You shouldn't be so angry, it didn't mean anything." Lily stilled herself then, just a pace away, as if she dare not get closer, but she still looked like she was not the least bit intimidated. "He saved my life, it was just a gesture."

She drifted closer.

"He doesn't mean anything to me," she repeated in a hush.

She drifted closer still, reaching out and placing a palm softly on Adria's flushed cheek.

"No more than what he means to you."

Adria choked back a sob in a fit of vulnerability. Lily leaned in closer, lifting her face, and kissed the Lieutenant tenderly on the lips. "I love you," Lily assured her, "and only you." She kissed her again and this time Adria reciprocated, her gun lowered and her free hand reaching up to caress Lily's bare backside.

"Then who were you waiting for just now?" Adria asked, clearly skeptical.

Lily replied in another hush, "I was waiting for you."

Adria wanted to reject her, to hurt Lily as she hurt her, but before she knew it the two of them were entwined. In a fit of lust filled adrenaline, Adria pushed Lily back onto the bed, who fell freely on her back with a giggle. As Adria swiftly undid her pants, Lily leaned forward a slight, reaching out and grasping the rim of her lovers underwear. As Adria leaned down over the bed to meet Lily's lips once more, Lily eased her hand further down. Adria, in turn, let rest the gun of hers alongside them on the bed, and slid the hand between Lily's eager thighs.

Lily was more adept to this kind of thing, and took her time meeting Adria's tender mound. Adria by now had found hers, and felt the blonde shiver with pleasure as her fingers met the moist of her private. When Lily's playful, slow maneuvering finally caught up, she found herself wanting.

Breaking their kiss, Lily drew her head away a slight and looked Adria in the eye. "You don't appear to be very... Eager," she said, indicating the spot between Adria's legs.

"Being pissed off will do that to you," Adria replied with snark.

There was a knock on the door, and before either could move or let alone answer, it opened, and there stood Andrew. "Hey, Lily? I just wanted to talk--" He cut himself short when he saw what was before him.

Judging by the look on his face the image before him was the very last thing he could have possibly expected. Shock and pain was etched across his features, and for Adria everything seemed to stop in a single moment of unfathomable bliss. She reached for her gun, aimed, and took fire.

Andrew's brains splattered the walls behind him, and he fell back onto the floor like a ton of bricks, followed by a definite thud.

Lily did not sound entirely enthused. "Was that really necessary?"

Adria turned to look back down upon her, and smirked. "Nobody lays a hand on my woman. Besides, this is a much better way to deal with him than that awkward breakup you helped me rehearse. I mean, 'it's not you, it's me?' That's been done to death."

Lily rolled her eyes, "I'm a compassionate person... I wanted to spare his feelings. Had I known you were just going to go along with your plan anyway, I wouldn't have wasted our time rehearsing with you to begin with."

"I wanted to spare his feelings at first, too, if you remember," said Adria. "But after I walked in on you two there was no reason I had to continue with our little charade of a relationship." Adria shrugged, "look on the bright side, at least we don't have to hide it from him a minute longer."

Lily looked thoughtful, "we should probably do something about the body."

"Later," said Adria, setting the gun aside once more and climbing on top of her. "Now I'm feeling eager."

Lily, feeling the wetness against her unmoved hand, giggled as Adria swept over her, burying her lips into her neck. The two proceeded to fuck like wild animals.

And thus came the close of Adria, Lily, and Andrew's story together. Sex, romance, betrayal, murder, and a shocking twist... Could you really ask for a better story?

The End
Edited by Andrew Williams, Feb 16 2018, 03:42 AM.
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Amber Kynes
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The day had been a very long one. It had started with the crew of the Gypsy Traveler getting up with the sun on the moon they had most recently been on. They had had to break down and stow all of the gear they used for their performances, their last performance on that moon having been the evening before. There had been a few 'other matters' to tend to as well, before they could really leave. A couple of last minute things related to their... private... line of work, rather than the public one, while Amber, Sergei, and a few others of the crew were dealing with the things related to their public jobs. Thankfully there had been no snags for a change. The entire process had just been time consuming and tedious. Even once they had gotten off world and were far enough out that Amber could safely set the autopilot and proximity alerts, the crew had had to have the usual meeting to discuss their next stop. And of course Clarence's needs had had to be tended to among all that as well. Their furry four-legged crew member was just as important as the human ones.

Now, showered and dressed in her pajamas (also known as one of Sergei's t-shirts and nothing else since she had given up wearing underwear when there was even the slightest chance of sexytimes happening) with her black hair loose around her shoulders, Amber curled up in bed in the room she and Sergei shared. Things between them had gotten to the point where it just made more sense for them to share a room instead of taking up two separate ones. Knowing he was engaged in a conversation with Reno about the finer points of their part of the plan for their next job, she picked up her CorePad and started playing a game on it while she waited for him to finish up with their captain and come to bed. She was at a point where she was tired enough she could sleep if she tried but alert enough she could go for a while longer yet. Sleep sounded good, but something had come to her attention recently and she needed to have a talk with her boyfriend about it.

How long it was before he returned, Amber couldn't have said. But he did return as she had known he would. She looked up at the sound of the door opening and smiled at him. Her smile widened into a grin at the way he looked at her and ogled her more than a little. "Hey. Finally escaped from Reno's clutches, I see" she teased, setting aside her CorePad and sitting upright from the lounging position she had been occupying previously. "Finally" he echoed with a nod, relief obvious. Amber could see the subtle changes that indicated he was mentally sloughing off the cares of the day and relaxing in their private domain. Despite her making room for him on the bed, he was still standing by the door, just looking at her like she was the most intriguing and fascinating thing in the whole wide 'Verse. It made her blush a little.

"Which is good, because I have something I wanted to talk to you about too" she began, suddenly uncertain. They had never discussed the future or defined their relationship. They had never done more than just enjoy each others' company and take things as they came. Seeing the worry beginning to form on his face, she tried to backtrack a little and at the same time reassure him while building up to things. "It's nothing bad. At least... I don't think it's bad, personally, but I don't know what you'll think..." she tried again. That didn't seem to be helping, so she decided to just have out with it. "I'm pregnant" she declared. "I suspected about a week or so ago, but had it confirmed by Ian just yesterday." Ian had been sworn to secrecy about the matter, for the time being. She had wanted to tell Sergei first, and go from there.

The soon to be father had started to come forward to join her on the bed, but stopped dead in his tracks. His shock was evident, but Amber for once couldn't tell what else he might be thinking or feeling. She wasn't sure he knew at the moment. "I... you... we..." he tried and failed to get words out. For a few more seconds, his mouth opened and closed in the obvious effort to form coherent thoughts and words. His eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped bonelessly to the deck with a loud thud. A thud that had been heard in other parts of the ship as evidenced by the comm to their room crackling to life a few seconds later. "You two better not be putting dents in my walls up there" Reno's voice issued from it. "If you are, the repair work is coming out of both of your paychecks." Amber snorted in amusement and unfolded herself from the bed. Stepping over Sergei's supine body, careful to step over his limbs too, she pressed the button on the comm. "Don't worry, Reno. There won't be any dents in your walls. But there might be a Sergei-shaped one in the floor" she replied almost indulgently. "He's fainted" she added, her amusement obvious.

"He's what?" Reno almost shrieked... if a man could be said to shriek. "Did you wear him out alr...? Wait. Nevermind. I don't want to know about your sex life. Just try to keep it down. Your nocturnal activities don't need to be broadcast all over the ship." Amber rolled her eyes, and thought about telling Reno it wasn't a sex thing. Only... it kind of was. Just not in the way he thought it was. She just shook her head. "Whatever you say, cap'n" she said instead. Turning away from the comm, Amber looked down at Sergei and smiled softly in amused resignation. Since there was no way she would be able to move him, she stepped over him again back to the bed, grabbed a pillow, and knelt down beside him. Carefully feeling his head to make sure he didn't have a bump forming, she tucked the pillow under his head to make him more comfortable. She didn't know how long he would be out of it.

As it turned out, she didn't have long to wait. She had barely gotten the pillow settled when he groaned and started to come around. He cracked open his eyes blearily, and with effort focused his vision on her. After another moment he pushed himself up to a sitting position, still looking at her. Then he broke out in a boyish grin and pulled her to him for a passionate but gentle kiss. Amber grinned into it and happily kissed him back, a knot of anxiety she had barely been aware of dissolving in the process. "Wait. Is it safe to...?" he said, breaking the kiss and pulling back a little to give her a look of concern. "As long as we're careful about it, it's safe right up through the later part of the third trimester" she murmured. That had been one of her first questions to Ian about the pregnancy. She needed her regular... 'doses of vitamin D', to put it politely... and had wanted to make sure it was no risk to herself or the baby. "Good" Sergei growled in that particular way he had, then resumed kissing her. This time his hands began to wander.

Later, the concerns would surface and they would have many lengthy discussions about the pregnancy and how to fit parenthood into their current lifestyle. But for now... the two of them still being no better than horny teenagers just discovering the pleasures of the flesh... well, it should be obvious how they spent the remainder of their night.

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No seasons in space
Emptiness is eternal
Can one write haiku?

Second smallest prime
Divided but by herself
Memory is lost.

Was this new to her
or a path followed dimly
in her old footsteps?

Sleep comes in The Black
Sapphires glow like fireflies
beside her lost dreams.
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