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Arora Walker; Strider
Topic Started: Jan 31 2018, 11:28 PM (99 Views)
Arora Walker
Member Avatar

Your Name (aka your OOC persona): also known as Nani

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online:

Character Name: Arora Walker, AKA 'Strider'

Ship Applying For: Chicago 2

Character Occupation: General Mechanic, Machinist, General Ship Security (non-casino), (perhaps infrequent occasional late night informal entertainer, if convinced to ?)

Age (of the character): 31

Appearance: Standing at 6 feet even, and depending on what sort of shoes and clothes are worn, Arora can cut quite a figure, be it in a masculine or feminine way. Clothing and fashion for Arora tends to be cyberpunk, to various shades of gothic, to futuristic. Mostly, s/he wears alot of black, with perhaps a splash or two of color, as it tends to hide the oil and/or blood pretty well.

s/he stands tall and lithe, with an androgynous face and a jaw/chin length black pixie bob hairstyle, which can swing either masculine or feminine, depending on the mood, styling, and facial expressions. Also evident are hir piercings; a nose piercing, and the array of piercings in her right ear. She also has silver teeth, a full silver-titanium set of screwed in teeth implants. Depending on what she is wearing, hir custom cyber prosthetic limbs may be otherwise fully on display, lending Arora a very cyberpunk appearance.


Posted Image

Heather Kemesky

Attributes and Skills: Arora is the quintessential Renaissance (wo)man, even if s/he may not look it.

Decently well read and articulate. Having stolen away to a library in hir early years, she is fairly familiar with the Sci-fi Greats, especially Robert A Heinlein, Star Wars, and Star Trek material. From these three sources, s/he constructed all of her foundational morality, and most of hir political views, spiritual, and cultural views on the worlds of the Verse, and the governments ruling over them.

Arora is a prodigy when it comes to being able to understand and manipulate technology, especially of the more mechanical and electronic hardware varieties. When asked, she often starts in with what seems to be meta-spiritual BS, about The Spark, but, s/he is being as honest as possible; the machine spirits talk to hir. This allows her to make customized things, often from scrap materials or recombining parts from other items. From this skill, she has created a spooky combat helmet which has multi-vision modes, sets of custom prosthetics, a light duty multi-axis robot arm from ships piping steel T-joints, servo motors, and other fiddly bits (also, lots and lots of cross-slot bolts) and a powered wheelchair base, and various pistols (which are indeed compatible with most common sizes of store bought ammo and power packs) and a sun-moons-stars banjo-sitar out of an old cooking pot, the brass rim of a popcorn tin, cabinet handles, guitar tuner knobs, and all manner of other stuff.

Arora is able to fight with guns, swords, and martial arts. After high school, S/he met an older black guy, named Deshawndre Unsasnu, and some of his friends, and learned street-style Capoeira (ie, the possibly lethal kind). During this time, she also fell in with some Jedi-ist / space buddhist folks, and joined their sept and became a 'padawan', and learned, among other things, how to fight with a sword/ stick in the canne de combat and Classical Fencing styles. Because of hir being drafted into the Alliance military, in the beginning, she has been taught Alliance Combatives, as well as adept marksmanship with rifles and pistols.

Arora can speak and read-write in atleast a handful of languages (English, Norwegian, Mandarin, Japanese, and a splash or two of ancient Latin)

Arora can also cook pretty well, having learned from her mother, 'aunt' Carolynne, and fathers mother. She has also studied abit of music theory, and can manage hir way around a piano, violin, or guitar (or similar enough instruments).

First Impression: With her elf-like face, gothic-like or sci-fi-like attire (including metallic teeth), and customized prosthetic limbs, Arora often seems like a character straight out of a cyberpunk or sci-fi movie.

Depending on whether she/he is projecting masculine or feminine, Arora is still/ always distinctly androgynous, and might easily invoke shock and surprise when 'she' suddenly stands ramrod straight, and belts out an undeniably male voice, snapping out a scalding retort, or a gravelly evil laugh that is very much worthy of a supervillain.

Under the Surface:

Man ? Woman ? Hero ? Villain ? Well, whatever s/he is, Arora is one who often finds hirself between worlds, be it literally, philosophically, or socially, and tries the best that one can, to be a good person in an often bad situation. For those who know hir long enough, it can be discerned that she is something of a cultured warrior, a Modern Samurai of sorts, and perhaps even something of a warrior-monk, given her spirituality.

She is highly critical of some to most of Alliance society, especially it's various governmental aspects, and tends to embrace some conspiracy theories.

Deep Dark Self: The war took alot out of her, and so as much as s/he might try to hide it, her confidence is pretty shaken, which sometimes dulls her hot temper some. Some days she genuinely musters all that she can, just picking up the pieces for the day. She tends to see the worlds of the verse as varying degrees of cyberpunk, grading down to post-apocalyptic.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Public / Common History:

Arora was born on a transport frigate, to Felix Walker, a member of a Kiowa tribe and pretty good ships mechanic for a 5,000 passenger cruise ship, and Sonja Dalsvaard, an engineer and machinist foreman for a mid-sized company based out of Ariel, Santo, and Persephone. Arora was born intersexed, almost fully hermaphroditic. Normally, the doctors fix that sort of thing, one way or another, but since being born on a freighter, there was nothing that could be done, other than cut the cord, clean up the baby, and give it to mommy. S/he had three older brothers, Forrest, the eldest, twins Jack and James (half-brothers, mothered by Carolynne McGowan, an irish loom tender), and a little sister, Winter.

Arora didn't do well in elementary school on Ariel, being lackadaisical and bored with the average to sub-par busy make-work. S/he consistently didn't do assignments or homework, but aced every test and exam. Disillusioned early on with how Alliance public school operated, dumbing down the material, and also drugging up some children (such as a student named Kaito, in one of hir classes) to make them more complacent and obedient. Arora actively defied this, and took to becoming truant and skipping classes.

Spent several month long spans in the Juvenile Block for truancy, during middle and high school years. It was compulsory advised that perhaps Arora try some medications to correct hir behavior, but she would have none of it.

Drafted into the Alliance military and went through its basic training. In one of the first battles in the war, one of the other soldiers, Tasker, stepped on a laser boobytrap, and Tasker, herself, and Benson got hit. Only she was lucky, losing both of her legs at the knees, only because she was last in line, and threw herself onto her back. Tasker and Benson got razored into larger chunks, in spite of their purple armor.

Hir experience after that was not pleasant; after being stitched up, and fitted for standard prosthetic legs, she was sent back to combat duty 3 months later. In another pitched battle against the independants, she encountered her half-brothers, Jack and Jim, now as Independent soldiers. The rest of her alliance platoon arrived, and twins were captured and taken prisoner. Once they arrived back at base, the twins were escorted to the jail cells.

She visited them every day, each day growing more jaded about being an Alliance Purple. Once back on the ship, a longbow carrier, she went to go try to plead their case with the officer in charge, only to find that they were due to be executed. The next time ship-to-ship combat happened, Arora enacted a plan to sabotage and escape the carrier. Enter, the Battle of Sturges, a space battle that was more a set of smaller running battles, each more vicious and hard-fought than the last. The survivor, was due to walk away with not only victory, but massively obscene amounts of cash.

Waking up in the medbay of the True Grit, she had succeeded in crippling the Clarion, giving the independants a decent victory at Lagrange Point 9, at the personal cost of her arm, and had successfully defected to the Independents ranks.

Arora spent the rest of the war swinging between fixing ships and weapons, and serving as a ship-to-ship marine. Transferred to the longbow-class Skipjack Slam, she was attached to the 68th brigade, the Black Ghosts, and the 82nd squadron. The Skipjack was ordered to Hera, to reinforce the 57th Overlanders. Unfortunately, they would never make it, as the planet had a much stronger Alliance presence than the Independent forces could muster. After a pitched battle in orbit, they covered the escape of other Independant ships, but were themselves ultimately forced to surrender.

Unknown History:

Rather than becoming a hoodlum running the streets, she became an autodidact; Arora took to hiding out at the library, teaching herself what was needed well and truly educate herself at the mains public library down the street from the school. She read it all, history, alot of the literary greats, Math, Science, Astronomy, Anatomy, language tapes, political philosophy, and electronics and technical manual books.

She once managed to build a working jet engine from junk parts; larger diameter food cans, rollerblade bearings, old and busted fans and vacuum cleaners, and formerly rusted-clogged garden sprayers. It lasted for about 5 minutes, before it reduced itself to a glob of slag. That was her first foray into Mad Science, and Arora has been hooked ever since. She has video of most of the process, both building and running it into a slab of hot metal ooze.

When she encountered her twin half-brothers, she wanted to defect to the Independents, but then the tables turned, and the brothers were captured instead. Once back on the ship, a Longbow-class cruiser, named Clarion, she went to go try to plead their case with the officer in charge, only to find that they were due to be executed. Arora entered the ships den-hold just in time to see the both of them be shot by a firing squad. Watching the light go out of their eyes killed her inside. She didn't even have time to cry, before the deck sergeant took the corpses and quite unceremoniously spaced them.

Killing her brothers and dumping the bodies had been the Final Action, that she would stand for. She devised a plan to sabotage and possibly destroy the carrier. The next time ship-to-ship combat happened, Arora enacted it.

Donning an obscuring rad-suit, she went to the engineering section, at the next battle with the Independants, and with a shotgun, first killed the engineering crew, and then, destroyed the engines reactors by introducing iron and lead into its cores, and putting lots of holes into its containment hull. Unfortunately, one of the other crew managed to get ahold of a shotgun, and blew her left arm off at the shoulder. Not even feeling it at the time, she turned and returned fire, gutting them square in the torso.

As the Clarion sputtered to a dead stop, and faltered, s/he shed the rad-suit, and shot herself out in an escape pod, towards an Independent vessel, another Longbow, formatted as a battlecruiser and named 'True Grit'. Before passing out in the pod, she put a note to her lips. [defector. please heal, however you can.]

Secret History:

Posted Image


Arora has a kind of weird talent to speak with and understand the the machine-spirit of a thing, be it a ship, a speeder, or other sort of gadget that nescisarily has moving parts. Some people might think s/he is weird, but, techno-mancery and mech-animism is just how it manifests, for hir. Because of this, S/he has alot of customised things.

Arora can speak and read/write in several languages, including military hand signals.

S/he might not be proud of it, but Arora is an fast-reacting technical fighter, who was trained, and to an extent, trained herself for the real world, not the tournament floor, as many other would-be fighters often accidentally do. She may not be the strongest, but she can fight full speed (which for her, is a great deal faster than most), fight as dirty as a latrine ever was, she can freestyle brawl, and even kill, should it apparently be called for.


Hot temper. Arora is half-Kiowa and half-Nordic. Don't convince her that you need manhandling (or worse, need killing), because she will do it, in the span of a blink. Most Especially don't lay hands on her in a questionable manner.

Vendetta. Arora still has several bones to pick, with one person in particular; The deck sergeant who callously spaced her half-brothers bodies like last weeks kitchen trash.

Depression/ creeping cynicism-pessimism. She usually hides it, but her confidence is pretty shaken. This sometimes dulls her hot temper to more reasonable levels. Some days she genuinely musters all that she can, just picking up the pieces for the day. She tends to see the worlds of the verse as varying degrees of cyberpunk, grading down to post-apocalyptic.

Made of the Machine. Because of her cybernetics, she is vulnerable to some of the more universal technical countermeasures, which includes electrical shock and overloading.
Edited by Arora Walker, Feb 12 2018, 02:24 PM.
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