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Locked Topic
Corlain "Cor" Wallace
Topic Started: Oct 27 2015, 12:02 PM (393 Views)
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The Typo Knig
Your Name: Jynx

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online: Lurking about the Top RP Sites and this popped up.

Character Name: Corlain "Cor" Wallace

Ship Applying For: ILEV Constable

Character Occupation: WPA Agent

Age: 27

Appearance: Corlain stands a lanky, six foot two and weighs one hundred and seventy pounds. He has a somewhat youthful face, keeps his hair short and tends to wear drab colours. His blue eyes have a certain piercing quality to them that can be unsettling at times; a fact of which he seems completely unaware.

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Nicholas Hoult

Attributes and Skills: Corlain is possessed of a sharp mind and a very unique way of looking at the world; an attribute that serves to make him a valuable addition to any investigative team.

His lanky appearance is due to genetics, not lack of physical fitness or training. As such, he is wiry and surprisingly strong; having trained diligently in martial arts that favour precision targeting of nerve clusters and other vulnerable tissues, rather than brute force.

First Impression: Corlain's behavior tends to match his face and as such the first perception one might have upon meeting him is that he is much younger than he actually is. Aside from that, he is a bit of an odd character. Seemingly lacking any care for what those around him think, he says and behaves however he wishes. At times he is talkative and at times he falls silent, lost in thought.

When working, he can be ridiculously focused and professional, practically becoming a different person.

Under the Surface: Corlain really just likes people. He has a dry sense of humor and enjoys teasing, often times pretending to be completely dense just to get someone's goat.

On occasion he shows surprising depth of character and thought process, but only around those he trusts. He's seen a lot of things and he's been a lot of places; he's a very worn down individual, despite his youth. If he lets this show, you can count yourself a friend.

Deep Dark Self: At his core there is one thing that drives Corlain and one thing alone: he hates death above all else.

Additionally, Cor has been witness to a few things over the years which have instilled in him a deep distrust of the Alliance. This is something he will never, ever disclose.

Corlain hates Fruity Oaty Bars.

Public / Common History:


Retrieving file on "Wallace, Corlain"

File retrieved; cross referencing

File is up to date

Corlain Wallace was born May 8, 2488 to Jameson and Marion Wallace. Raised on Bernadette in a middle class home, Wallace had an ordinary childhood, graduating high school at the top of his class. Coming of military age shortly after the beginning of the war, Corlain enlisted immediately and following basic, was shipped out to New Kashmir.

Showing courage and initiative on the field of battle, he quickly achieved the rank of Corporal. Four months into his tour of duty, Corporal Wallace sustained an injury from a nearby concussive blast. Suffering from partial paralysis and amnesia, Wallace was honorably discharged and shipped off to Ariel for medical treatment and rehabilitation. The cause for this special care is thought to be due to the influence of a high ranking friend made by Corporal Wallace shortly before his injury. (citation needed)

Following successful rehabilitation and full restoration of motor skills, Wallace reapplied for military service, but was declined due to -INFORMATION REMOVED; ACCESS TO INFORMATION RESTRICTED-

Remaining on Ariel, Wallace enrolled in Police Academy and once again graduated at the top of his class, showing remarkable skill in the areas of observation and tactical awareness. Wallace returned to Bernadette and joined the police force in his home town. By the end of the war, Wallace was one of his division's foremost Detectives. Shortly following the war, Wallace applied for and was accepted into, the Alliance Federal Marshals. In 2513, Wallace was picked up by the Witness Protection Agency with whom he has served until the present day.

Terminating session

Unknown History:

Corlain had a childhood beau by the name of Amy Dendra, shortly before the breakout of the war, they were engaged. Prior to enlisting, it was mutually agreed by both to postpone the wedding until Cor's return.

Contrary to his public record, Corlain didn't receive the best possible medical care due to a 'high ranking friend' he made prior his injury. Rather, in sustaining the injury, he saved the life of a General by the name of Kralov; a well connected man who took favors owed very seriously.

The injuries sustained by Corlain resulted in lack of brain connectivity to his left leg and arm. Additionally, he suffered for two months under the effects of complete amnesia, not even possessing the memory of his own name. Though his memory did return, it was quite a long time coming and was not in the least complete. All memories of Amy Dendra remained absent and this led eventually - though not from a lack of willingness on his part to get to know her a second time - to the end of their relationship.

During rehabilitation, Corlain wound up falling for his physical therapist; a woman by the name of Nelly Casnavitch. Their relationship was rocky and short lived however, as she seemed unable to stop viewing him as a patient and consider him as an equal.

Corlain's reapplication for service was denied due to concern on the part of the review board as to his mental competence. Though fully recovered from his paralyses, Corlain never recovered all of his memory and therefore could not be considered fully healed. The board members expressed concern that other dormant mental injuries could emerge if Cor were allowed back in combat. Though Corlain possessed a note signed by three independent psychologists attesting to his mental well being, he was denied.

Shortly before enrolling in police academy, Corlain became aware that the rejection of his reapplication and the reason for denial - namely, mental incompetence - was in his public record. Knowing that this vague reason could cause severe hinderance to any future in law enforcement, Corlain sent a short letter - accompanied by the signed note - to General Kralov. Though he received no reply from the General, the next time he checked his record the cause for rejection had been removed.

As the years went by Corlain found himself torn, though he was an accomplished Detective and knew he was saving lives, he began to become more and more disgusted with the death. He didn't want to quit, as he knew he could help, but he needed a change. This change came in the form of his application to the Alliance Federal Marshals. Though the different scenery and frequent travel helped somewhat, he still found himself haunted by the death around him. The WPA's offer to become one of their's came as yet another out and he accepted readily. Witness protection is less involved in the nitty gritty of homicide, but Cor is an investigator at heart and can't help but get involved where there is an opening. He's been with WPA for two years and seems to be there to stay, whether he'll work for them until retirement or lose heart and move on once again has yet to be seen.

Secret History:

On multiple occasions during his time with the Marshals, Corlain's perceptivity resulted in him noticing inconsistencies in his superiors and on occasion, blatant disregard for citizens' rights. One case in particular - involving the murder of an influential business mogul - he found himself being leaned on quite heavily to write off as suicide and let go. His refusal to do so wound up revealing the murderer to be a fellow Marshal. Cor was given highest commendation for helping to root out corruption among the Marshals, but always felt as though his superiors were very displeased. Though motive for the murder was never established, Cor has always held the suspicion that it was an ordered hit. Though now with the WPA, Cor always feels as though there is a sword hanging over him; that one day he might get a knife in the back for his efforts.


Corlain is a selfless sort; putting others first with nary a thought. It just comes naturally to him.

He's an exceptional detective, a quick thinker and a very effective guard; showing impeccable situational awareness.

Losing the use of two limbs and having to fight to get them back has taught him patience, a quality which is perhaps the leading reason for his abilities as an investigator.

Though it couldn't be said that Corlain is fearless, he is brave and is willing to do what is right despite any fear.


Having a very particular and odd personality, some people just don't like him. This is exacerbated by the fact that he cares little for what others think and often won't do anything to remedy latent dislike. This can - at times - cause friction in a team setting.

Corlain is romantically unsure of himself due to the fact that the only two relationships he remembers, didn't go well at all. Amy left him before he really got to know her, and Nelly never really respected him. He's willing to give love another go, he's just gun shy.
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Corlain is now played by Rabbit.
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