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Christiana Fordias
Topic Started: Feb 25 2011, 03:26 PM (600 Views)
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Name: Christiana Fordias (around criminal types she shortens her name to Chris Ford)

Ship Applying For: Gypsy Traveler

Age: 29

Appearance: Christiana has long, naturally blonde hair. She is tall and thin, but her legs have a strong, athletic curve to them rather than being stick straight. Her face is girl-next-door beautiful and she has a smile of perfect white teeth. Her eyes are brown and deceptively warm. When it comes to clothes, Chris doesn't have a lot of money to burn but she tries to look as stylish as possible. Her favourite accessory is a cute hat.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Image: Britney Spears.

Attributes and Skills:
Chris is a beautiful young woman and she has had plenty of practice using her beauty to her advantage.
Her imagination for illusions and tricks is quite brilliant. This also translates into making her a dab hand at planning intricate robberies. She also has very good showmanship skills, in that she has great presence when performing.
She is very dexterous, specifically in her hands. She can pick a pocket like a professional, though she has never actually done this for theft. She uses sleight of hand as part of her tricks on stage.
She is no expert or academic, but she has a lot of knowledge of fine art. She is also very talented sketch artist, but has never mastered any other forms.
Chris has a little sewing & dress making skill. As a teenager with no money she would often spruce up her outfits and as a performer now she often designs and makes her own out-there costumes.

First Impression:
On stage 'the Incredible Christiana' is a sight to behold. She has the ability to really captivate and amaze her audience. She is energetic, bubbly, and entertaining.
On a normal day, Chris seems very much the nice, pretty girl. She generally down-plays her looks, but at the same time always holds herself with confidence, sometimes there's a hint of arrogance. But she behaves respectfully, is friendly and easy-going. It's usually clear early on that she is not book-smart (unless you are talking about art, then she seems like she is) and maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she has an inquisitive spirit. She speaks her mind almost always without hesitation. Sometimes what she says is not nice, even mean, though it's intended as honesty. She is also clearly a girl who likes to have a good time, and will make sure she does. To some, she may come across as having an air of entitlement.

Under the Surface:
Even the people who have known Chris for a long time have trouble coming up with words to describe her. They say she's 'a great show-woman', 'passionate about her job, and 'has a brilliant imagination'. Those things are all true. She puts everything she has into her performances, including eye-popping costumes, and effects. She absolutely loves it.
But as herself, it can be difficult to get a read on her, to know her. She is helpful, she makes time to talk to people and to listen to them and get to know them, she does her best to avoid seeming conceited, she keeps an open mind and she is generally very respectful. But a lot of this is to get people to trust her, so that she can manipulate them later if she needs to. She never sets out to hurt people but she is looking out for herself and herself alone. She still enjoys the party-lifestyle, though at the moment she's stayed clean since Rehab. She is not a warm person. There's a wall up around her, and sometimes it can be barbed. She expects that people are jealous of her. Or she thinks they look down on her. She shields herself from other people because she doesn't feel like she fits in and that no matter what she does or says, people will find some way to tear her down. But if it comes to that, she will not hesitate to tear them down first.

Deep Dark Self:
The closest Chris got to being in love was in her Senior year of High School, but she left him after graduation to pursue fame and fortune instead. She could never really convince herself that he loved her though he told her many times, and she tries not to think about him. The truth is that decision to leave was her defining moment. She went after wealth and power at the expense of something real and true. She carries that regret with her, and deep down believes that was probably her only chance at true happiness. And so she settles for the happiness of being on stage.
Chris also has some mental problems as a result of her experimentation with drugs in her early twenties. Like bad acid flashbacks, in rare occasions, Chris can go a bit mad.

Public /Common History:
Posted ImageChristiana Fordias is the oldest child of five. Her father is a dockworker on Bernadette, her mother a part-time waitress.
Posted ImageChristiana's school records show that, aside from art in which she got straight As, she was a C student at best.
Her record shows that she was in steady part-time employment from the age of 15 to 18.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImageAt 17, with her parents' permission, she became a model.
She became a full-time model after graduating High School and continued to model until she was 22. The Cortex would be filled with pictures of her, ranging from high-fashion modeling to more racy men's magazine style pictures. For those who really dig for information, they would also find some old commercials featuring Christiana and articles about a couple high-profile but short-lived romances with male celebrities. (She herself would not have been considered a celebrity in her own right.)
Posted Image She was employed by the Santo Fine Art Gallery as Assistant Curator.
Posted Image'The Incredible Christiana' began her career in magic a little over five years ago as an assistant.
She found a measure of fame in New Vegas on Santo. But she then set out on her own as an illusionist magician in her own right. She is quite well-known in the field.

Unknown History:
Chris grew up with the gift of natural beauty, but she was dirt poor. As a child, neither of these things mattered to her. Her parents were good to her and she was happy. She's not sure when it happened, but she was given a magic set either for a birthday or Christmas and became obsessed with performing tricks for anyone she could get to watch. For three or four years, magic was all she cared about. Of course then came Middle School and things like boys and make-up and that kind of stuff became more important.
When she hit High School, money became an issue. She was deemed worthy by the popular crowds to hang out with them because she was the best looking of them all, but every chance they got they liked to remind her that she was nothing because her parents had neither wealth nor power. She stood up to them once, telling them they could shove it all up their pi-gohs, that she didn't need them and she'd rather have 'loser' friends than fake friends. The problem with that was that the 'losers' didn't want to be friends with her either. Some just hated her because she was beautiful and had been part of the popular crowd for so long, but to make matters worse she wasn't smart, she wasn't sporty, she wasn't weird so Chris found it difficult to fit into any clique in school. It wasn't until after weeks of loneliness one of the nice, popular guys asked her out because he admired her backbone. Since she was dating one of the popular crowd now, Chris was welcomed back into the popular crowd as if she'd never left. Chris decided she'd rather have fake friends than be alone. The relationship with Sam lasted until graduation, and if she ever loved any guy, she loved him. Sam's little brother Jared was seriously ill and spent a lot of time in hospital. Visiting him rekindled Chris' interest in magic as she often entertained Jared with tricks.
In her Senior year of High School, Chris was noticed by a modeling agency. By the time she graduated she had a pretty good portfolio. She had originally planned to go to college to study fine art and art history. She was nowhere near smart enough to get a scholarship, so it would mean trying to keep a full-time job while studying. Chris realized making a career on her looks would be a more lucrative endeavor. She ended up not even applying to college and left home, and Sam, to pursue a career in modeling. She became successful very quickly, though you couldn't say she was famous. She made a lot of money very quickly too. Unfortunately, since she'd never really had money before, she spent it even more quickly. She got into the party lifestyle, including drugs. She experimented with everything and anything. A couple more years passed, and at 22 suddenly Chris realized there were no more modeling jobs coming her way and she could barely remember her own name. She wound up in rehab and eventually got clean.
She got a job as a waitress for a while, but was barely making ends meet. One day at age 24 she saw an advertisement looking for a "beautiful, majestic young woman" as a magician's assistant. Chris jumped at the chance and got the job. With the magician's talent and her showmanship the pair quickly found themselves a regular spot every night in one of the casinos, becoming local celebrities.
After almost a year, a local art gallery was looking for an assistant curator. Chris really wanted that job and so made up a résumé full of fake credentials. In interview, her knowledge from her own non-academic study of art impressed the curator enough to get the job. Her good looks helped a lot too. Soon after, Chris applied for a promotion to come out from behind the scenes in a position liaising with clients and artists. This prompted further look into her background and even though the lies on her résumé were never found out, the museum did find out about her stint in rehab. They fired her.
She resigned from her post as magician's assistant – it was about time anyway, since she'd come up with a few never-before-performed tricks of her own - and left Santo for good. She moved to Paquin for a while and started out as an illusionist in her own right - 'The Incredible Christiana' - and was good enough to support herself.

Secret History:
Chris was so angry that the gallery fired her for her past, she vowed to get 'justice'. After months of planning she broke into the gallery and stole her favorite painting, replacing it with a fake. She was so scared of getting caught that this was the real reason she left Santo. Once that fear wore off though, she started craving the thrill. She has orchestrated a few more mind-boggling jobs since then.

She knows she is good-looking and that gives her confidence because she knows how to use that to her advantage. In normal day-to-day situations she plays her looks down, but would use it as a weapon if she needs to or is made to feel inadequate in other ways.
She loves being a magician. It reminds her of the two happiest times in her life – the pure innocence of her childhood and being with Sam and his family. It is her passion and many times, knowing she had a performance that evening was the only thing that got her out of bed.
Chris, for the most part, gets along well with people. Her mouth sometimes states what she's thinking before she's had time to edit her thoughts, but if what she says offends, and she's in a nice mood, she is quick to smooth things over if she possibly can.

Chris wants to be rich. She craves it, like an addiction. But at the same time, she can never seem to hold on to money for long. She ends up sending most of what she earns home to help provide for her younger siblings.
Deep, deep down, Chris still feels inadequate. She is happy on stage, and is confident about her looks, but she fears the day will come when she loses both. And she believes that when that happens, she will have absolutely nothing.
There's crazy in her. It's probably a side-effect of all those drugs, but it could also be the theatrical nature of her shows, an artistic genius or it could even be hereditary. Who knows? But it's there. It manifests in times of extreme emotion – if you make her angry she can go a little psycho, if she gets depressed she can become so introverted she's just babbling to herself, if she gets scared she will hallucinate like a bad acid flashback.
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