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Chloe Winters
Topic Started: Feb 28 2011, 12:26 PM (852 Views)


Name: Chloe Winters

Age: 25

Appearance: 5'8", 132 lbs. A beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and an athletic build, with almond-shaped, dark blue eyes. Chloe takes prideful care of her appearance and physical condition. She typically wears a black duster over dark jeans and shirt when practicality is an issue, which is most of the time. But she really prefers wearing dresses.

Image: Emilie de Ravin
Posted Image

Attributes and Skills: Chloe is a quick-witted, charming rogue. She naturally has great agility and dexterity, with excellent hand-eye coordination. She's a skilled thief, extremely stealthy, and able to pick pockets and locks and defeat electronic security. She's also quite capable of con games. She's excellent with smaller weapons such as pistol and knives, but she doesn't favor bigger weapons, although she'll use a pump-action shotgun on occasion. She also practices a slapdash mix of street brawling and martial art moves recognizable as Alliance commando training. Her hands are very fast and dexterous, which she often demonstrates by playing card tricks; she'll often shuffle and play with a deck of cards as a fidget, usually with one hand. She's great at cards, particularly when she cheats. She also knows enough piloting to confidently take a ship from point A to point B, so long as there are no complications. She plays piano as a hobby.

First Impression: Usually, Chloe presents herself as friendly, charming, and fun-loving, and with a sardonic wit about her. She knows she's beautiful and takes good care of her appearance. She can come across as fairly shallow. She's a social chameleon, adapting easily to whoever she's with. She's also practically never without at least one, and usually several, concealed weapons, typically a derringer and at least one knife.

Under the Surface: Chloe lies glibly and easily, preferring to sprinkle her fibs with a liberal helping of truth, knowing from experience that helps with believability. Nevertheless, most of her outward attitude is genuine; she is a gregarious person and would much rather people like her, which helps when she's not being genuine. But she also thinks nothing of manipulating people for her own ends, though she generally avoids this with people she likes or will stay with for any length of time. She's entirely capable of being charming to people she hates, although if she can, she'll slip in a few cute, sardonic putdowns, the subtlety of which will depend on whether she wants them to be noticed.

Chloe is a survivor and has a sarcastic, cynical outlook on life. She's a consummate pragmatist on many subjects, which makes the subjects on which she is not stand out all the more. For example, she's adverse to unnecessary risks, yet she is a thrill-seeker and has a sense of adventure about her. She has a competitive ego, and likes nothing more than to outwit or outfight someone; she's prone to humiliating people she hates. When genuinely angry, she goes into a cold rage where her inherent pragmatism becomes a dominant trait. Tantrums are reserved for extreme annoyance and frustration.

Deep Dark Self: Chloe's ethics are very flexible, but she has a quixotic sense of justice and a solid grounding of basic human decency. She's not nearly as self-centered as she professes to be. There are some things she won't do -- and some things that, when she is confronted with, will send her in a cold, nigh-homicidal rage. Threatening or abusing children is foremost among those.

Public / Common History: Chloe was born to the unremarkable Winters family back in the gigantic Main City on Artemis, eldest in a family of three. Her parents were both dockworkers at the city's secondary spacedock. Her childhood was hardly idyllic -- a hard-working, middle-class childhood for the clever, mischievous young girl. When Chloe was seven, her parents died in an accidental docks fire.

From this point on, Chloe became a ward of Federal Social Services... such as they were. She was separated from her siblings and bounced around from foster family to foster family -- the vast majority of which were more interested in an extra pair of hands to earn a living rather than adopting an increasingly turbulent child. Chloe took to rebellion, then from there progressed to bad crowds, petty theft, and outright escapes. On her fourth try, when she was 14, her erstwhile foster family decided that it was a better deal to keep collecting the allowance from the Feds and pocket it rather than to find her and have to feed her again.

Chloe survived by various means, mostly petty thievery and basic cons. She had a way with people and made many underworld acquaintances, if not friends, from which she various tips and tricks of the trade, which the clever and talented Chloe learned well. By the time she was 18 she'd added burglary to her repertoire as the war was going on. She used the relative chaos of wartime to good effect, as many of the more competent people who might otherwise be policemen were called to fight the Independents under the war, a fact for which she repeatedly toasted the Browncoats.

Her planet-hopping took Chloe away from the center and towards the frontier, where things were not nearly as "safe" even for well-. A couple of months later, the village she was bunkering down on Ezra after a particularly hot job was raided by the Red Dragon Syndicate, and though many of the abductees were later rescued, Chloe dropped out of sight from that point.

Chloe resurfaced in the frontier a couple years later, making her living and taking on odd jobs and gambling, spending her money quickly and never staying on any world for very long, drifting from planet to planet seemingly aimlessly.

Unknown History: Chloe was captured during the slaver attack on Ezra and spent some time on the Syndicate ship -- while she might have been able to slip her bonds and escape, there was nowhere to go until the ship made planetfall. The first time they touched down and Chloe was planning her escape, she was incidentally rescued by the the crew of the Arrowhead, under captain Raphael Bowman, when they came to settle a score with the Red Dragons. Chloe doesn't speak about what happened to her during her time on that ship, but the young woman to this day has a nigh-homicidal hatred of the Red Dragons.

Chloe developped a romantic relationship with the captain and travelled on the Arrowhead for the next two years or so, joining the crew in various odd jobs both legal and illegal, with the Captain teaching her how to pilot, a playful activity which became useful when the previous backup pilot left the crew. Eventually, Chloe and Bowman's relationship disintegrated (very suddenly) and Chloe left the Arrowhead.

Secret History: One episode that affected Chloe deeply was when Bowman and Chloe, stuck on tiny dirtball New Thebes after a job come bad, were hunkering down in a nameless little village under assumed names while the rest of the Arrowhead's crew could sniff them out. While they were waiting the village was attacked by a small raiding party. Chloe and Bowman assisted in the terrified defense and after a terrifying batlle in which the villagers took heavy casualties, managed to wipe out the raiding party (the Reavers, of course, couldn't be repelled). Chloe and Bowman are still considered genuine heroes there, a great irony given that they didn't use their real names. To this day Chloe has held on to the battered, fake ID card from that episode, but has never returned and isn't particularly keen to.

Then there was the falling out between Chloe and Bowman, which Chloe doesn't speak about -- but she implies the falling over was ethical in nature, and borderline violent.

Strengths: Excellent thief, con artist, knife-fighter, pistol-slinger. Backup pilot.

Weaknesses: Chloe is spendthrift. She's practical in the acquisition of money... not so much in its disposal. She really enjoys creature comforts, good food, good drink, pretty clothes. She never hangs onto money for long, particularly other people's money.
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