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Transitions Conversation 4; Cerberus to Hades
Topic Started: Mar 4 2015, 04:51 PM (4,731 Views)
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This conversation started here.

Hades was enjoying himself. One of the perks of being one of the five most powerful men in the Verse meant having women ready to entertain you at your whim.

Right now, he had three very young, very nubile Companions entertaining him. One was giving him the most exquisite shoulder massage he'd had in a while, another one was making sure he had everything he asked. Right now, it was a glass of Greystoke Limited in one hand while the other explored the most private recesses of the woman's body as she writhed from his touch. The other sat between his legs giving him a workout of another kind.

God it was good to be him.

He nudged the one girl on the shoulder with his knee.

"Slow down, baby... Make it last..." he suggested and she complied readily as he took a sip of his drink and let himself relax into the sensuality around him.

But his calm was interrupted by an incoming wave. He glanced over just enough to see who it was and saw that it was Senior Officer Ajax. He normally wouldn't interrupt his fun for anyone, but there was a situation on Persephone and as much as he didn't want to be distracted, he knew he had to take the call, but didn't break stride.

"Report," he said curtly.

The look on Ajax's face as he took in the scene was priceless. But the fact that the man would have to give him a report, which better be good by the way, while his boss was mid happy, was even more amusing.

"Sorry to interrupt, sir,"

Hades shrugged at that one as the girl he was fingering detonated again, moaning uncontrollably. He'd been playing with her for hours, testing out the next generation of the illegal drug called "Dots." They were a hit on the streets and Blue Sun had its fingers in more than just legal pharmaceuticals.

"I have a possible situation here on Persephone and I was wondering if you could provide clarification."

"Go ahead, Ajax. I'm a busy man, as you can tell."

"Yes... Yes, I can see that," Ajax stammered before steeling himself and getting back to the issue at hand. "I believe there is another player in town. I've got three different leads on him. I got attacked by him earlier and was provided a surveillance photo of the man, I have his name and I have his fingerprint, but when I try to look him up, all I get is a message about him being classified."

"Are you bothering me because some simpering spy is in your area? If so, I might have to have you removed."

Ajax blanched at that.

"No Sir, I am waving because it is this guy," he said as he held up the capture of Octavius Roman.

Hades let go of the writhing girl and waved off the one giving him the massage.

"Take care of her," he instructed her in a low voice before getting back to Ajax. "Well, well... That's someone I haven't seen in a while..."

He downed his glass of Greystoke and paid more attention.

"And apparently Alliance Special Cases is an interested party too?"

"You called ASC?"

"No but I did go perusing through their database looking for more information."

Hades exhaled powerfully, but it was unclear if it had to do with the information provided or the fact that he still had a Companion at work.

"That means that they probably know he's there now too," he told him. "You need to alert your officers. We need to find this guy asap and detain him. He'll be armed for sure, but I will warn you that this guy is a weapon. Bringing him down will not be that easy-"

Hades paused for a moment and got a wide smile on his face - again not knowing if it was an grand idea or the girl - and spoke.

"You still have eyes on Aeryn Dex?" he asked.

"Yes sir. I have an officer with her right now."

"Good. Here's something you can do. Throw Aeryn Dex and Roman into the same room and let him see she's there. Then scoop both of them up and bring them to Cerberus. He'll be so much more easier to handle with her in the room."

He could see that Ajax was about to ask him why, so he cut him off.

"Have faith that I know what I am talking about," he chastised. "Just know that things are about to become dicey where you are now. You have Roman and Gabrielle there. It is most likely that the military is going to be pounding on your doorstep next. If it is who I think will be there, tell Gwen that I said hi."

His eyes fluttered a little and that time, it was definitely because of the girl.

"I'll be in touch."

Ajax resumes here.

With that he cut the feed as his hands laced through the girl's hair. He whispered a couple of instructions before another wave alert was coming in. This one was one he was now expecting and to tell you the truth, he was surprised that it took this long to arrive.

Hades groaned as he answered it.

"Caesar, not now," he said as cut the wave just as fast and tumbled into oblivion.
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